Siblings get cochlear implants
Siblings get cochlear implants

Hyderabad: A partnership between a USA based charity SEED USA (Support for Education & Economic development) and City based health Care NGO, Helping Hand Foundation has aided two siblings from economically weaker sections with cochlear implantation surgery.

Two siblings, Syed Moinuddin aged six and his older brother Abdul Rahman aged nine were diagnosed to have bilateral profound and irreversible hearing loss and required cochlear implants. They were the principal beneficiaries of the partnership between the two NGOs. Born with congenital deafness and hailing from modest and economically weaker sections the divorced mother of the siblings was not in a position to fund the huge cost of the cochlear implant surgeries since their birth.

The distressed family approached SEED USA through one of its relatives abroad and SEED USA in turn referred the cases to HHF for verification – The cochlear implant surgery of the siblings was carried out at OZONE Hospitals under Dr Ranga Reddy Sirigiri, Paediatric ENT Surgeon with a gap of six months between each sibling. “We raised funds in USA, spent Rs 30 lakh for both surgeries and are glad that the surgeries were successful and the kids have regained their hearing and speech and have resumed going to school, said  Syed Mazharuddin Hussaini, Founder SEED, USA.
The children were provided hearing aid to the other ear costing Rs 1.5 lakh each to maintain the equilibrium and since the children were not accustomed to any form of communication they were put on  speech therapy which is being presently imparted and sponsored by SEED USA.

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