Who will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week ?

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 01,2018 , 01:27 PM IST

Who will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week ?
The Bigg Boss Season 2 has entered into a very exciting phase. This week Kaushal, Amit, Samrat, Ganesh and Nuthan have been placed in the elimination category and two of them would be eliminated. As of now, online polls indicate that while Kaushal, Amit and Samrat are in safe zones, there could be problem for the others. 

That leaves Ganesh and Nuthan Naidu. Though Ganesh has been saved several times in the past, this time around, he might not be all that lucky. There is also a strong criticism that he is going overboard these days. 

Moreover, he has of late been going very aggressively against Kaushal. But, Nani  has always been lenient towards him and has been leaving Ganesh with severe reprimands. He also has the support within the house from some more members. So, it is not entirely impossible that he might again get a lifeline and would go on to survive for another week.

If Ganesh is saved, only Nuthan Naidu would be left out. So, who from among Kaushal, Amit and Samrat could be eliminated? Will it be Samrat or Amit? Will Kaushal Army save him again? We can’t wait till the weekend to know what will happen this time around.

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