IIT-H unveils new healthcare products

IIT-H unveils new healthcare products

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 21,2017 , 09:38 PM IST

IIT Hyderabad’
IIT Hyderabad’
IIT Hyderabad’

Hyderabad: Smart Baby vitals monitor by Nemo Healthcare and Arm re-trainers by Arm-Able for those afflicted by stroke were among the first products unveiled at IIT Hyderabad’s prestigious Center for healthcare entrepreneurship on Thursday.

 In a short but power, packed graduation pitch ceremony held at the IIT campus in Kandi, Sangareddy district, the first batch of graduating fellows in healthcare entrepreneurship displayed the inventions that they had created during the course of the 1-year fellowships. 

 A device for peritoneal dialysis, an exoskeleton for helping those with immobilized legs was among the other products unveiled at the graduation pitch. 

The event also featured other technological innovations from companies incubated at the IIT Hyderabad technology incubator. These included recycled fabric made from polyester by Restyro technologies, smart power monitoring solutions using Internet of things by SKIoT and Healthbook pro, a medical records system.

Speaking at the inaugural address of the event, Prof U B Desai, Director of IIT Hyderabad noted that IIT Hyderabad, though a young 10-year-old institute is leading the way in entrepreneurship with three focused incubators in the areas of Technology, Healthcare and fabless chip design. 

He acknowledged the generous help and contribution of the Union ministries of Electronics and information technology, the department of Science and technology, Telangana Government and the Japanese collaboration in this regard.

 Renu John and Mohan Raghavan, Co-Heads at the Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, described the intense and rigorous process of identifying market gaps and inventing solutions that is followed at CfHE.  Pratyusha Pareddy and  Manoj Sankar, Co-founders of Nemo Healthcare described the long hours spent at neonatal ICUs and the exacting journey through the year that culminated in their smart baby monitor. 

‘Though hard, the journey of entrepreneurship was a great learning experience. Our journey has only begun’ said the co-founders. 

Habib Ali, founder of Arm-Able described his experiences at stroke rehabilitation centers, the long and mundane job of physiotherapists and the pain of afflicted that drove him every single day on this entrepreneurial journey.

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