IIT-H holds meet on missile technologies

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 12,2017 , 11:15 PM IST


Hyderabad: Indian Institute of Technology- Hyderabad (IIT-H),  and the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) are jointly conducting a one-day workshop on “Challenges in Hypersonic Space and Missile Technologies at IIT Hyderabad in its Kandi campus at Sangareddy, on Saturday.

Satish Reddy, Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister, Samir V Kamat, Director General, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and MSR Prasad, Director, Defence Research and Development Laboratory, will be addressing the event.

As many as 150 Senior Scientists from DRDO, industry and academia, experts from IITs, IISc, VSSC and DRDO will be delivering lectures during the workshop.

Speaking about the workshop, Prof Nishanth Dongari of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT-H, said “Advanced countries like USA, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil and India are vigorously pursuing hypersonic technologies.

The workshop aims to synergise the knowledge base available in the country, identify the gaps and obstacles, and arrive at a road map towards development of futuristic air-breathing hypersonic systems.”

Speaking on this occasion, RK Sharma, Project Director of hypersonic test vehicle programme at DRDO, said “In India, DRDO and ISRO are actively pursuing air-breathing hypersonic programmes and related technologies.

Considerable research in Hypersonic area has also been pursued in academic institutes. In order to reach maturity level in this area, it is high time that the experts available within the country to share the knowledge on a common platform and identify the technology gaps.”

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Y Sreenivasa Rao, Project Director of Air Defense Missile Programme at DRDO, “The major objective of this workshop is to solicit ideas from experts and plan strategies to meet the challenge of developing hypersonic technologies and identification of research topics to be pursued by academic institutes in association with DRDO.”

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