How parents can zero in on right time, institute for clearing JEE

How parents can zero in on right time, institute for clearing JEE

Competitive exams have become trickier and much different than the school board exams. Getting success in them needs much more than self- study. One needs to develop an analytical mind capable of thinking and developing ideas and understanding the core concepts and their applications to get through the cut throat competition.

Competitive exams have become trickier and much different than the school board exams. Getting success in them needs much more than self- study. One needs to develop an analytical mind capable of thinking and developing ideas and understanding the core concepts and their applications to get through the cut throat competition.

This is where a good coaching institute becomes necessary to provide the optimum launch platform to help achieve their dreams.

Since the entry barriers have become tougher to enter the prestigious institutes, what is the right time to start preparing for IIT’s?

With the burden of school assignments, special coaching and tuitions with their own quota of assignments, the student feels pressurized and is left with no time for self-study and deep understanding of concepts.

This has put enormous burden on the young shoulders and to overcome the same, many leading institutes have come up with the idea of integrating the two processes. To help students achieve their best academic potentials, the innovative teaching and mentoring are being provided by FIITJEE.

Why it is required to start early

Serious students aspiring for success with a good rank in the IIT-JEE understand the importance of starting early in their preparation. As the JEE becomes more competitive now, it is necessary to build a strong fundamental base, as early as possible.

An early start enables students to acquire in-depth understanding of concepts and develop analytical abilities of application of concepts and thus helps them get a top Rank in JEE.

Moreover, the number of attempts for JEE has been restricted to only 2, which puts extra pressure on mind of students. One chance is just after the XII board exams and the second in immediate succeeding year.

Though it is never too late to start preparations if one is dedicatedly working to achieve the dream but the time constraint restricts them from taking a chance. Developing the minds from earlier than IX standard would be a good idea.

Parents too believe these courses will give their children the required edge in school, since to excel, a student must master core subjects such as, maths and science. Hence, it is easier if you start coaching earlier.

Psychologists explain how a strong foundation increases the probability of positive outcomes as it is the early experiences that shape how the brain gets conditioned. Early experiences and learning create a deep impact on the architecture of the maturing brain. Hence, it is the right age to arm children with the right skill and mindset to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive race.

What is the right time to start preparing for JEE?

Along with the knowledge of subjects, JEE also tests the analytical skills and skills in application of concepts. Hence by starting to prepare from the right time they succeed by channelizing their capacity.

With the increasing competition every year, students have started becoming conscious to start early preparations. With the feedback given by successful candidates, coaching institutes have started training students as early as from class IX.
As there is a major shift in the curriculum from class XI & XII, special courses help the students to balance the studies for engineering as well. At FIITJEE, we lay foundation as early as class VI for those students who are curious to learn the concepts as applied in day to day phenomenon.

The following takeout’s are an added advantage for students with early preparation
Sharpens the analytical skills of the students from an early age.

Develops critical thinking to acquire an edge over their counterparts.

Career planning is one such direction provided by the courses that helps them understand the importance of early preparations.

Early preparations help in honing the analytical skills which cannot be done through any subject in school.

How to start planning?

The following tips will be helpful for early preparations to ease future stress while preparing for JEE

Focus on board syllabus – Base building blocks to board exams and any competitive exams are the school books. Many a time students may feel that they already know what is going to be taught in terms of board preparations, but they should attend classes regularly in schools and coaching for necessary revision and to fill gaps between school learning and skills required to scale competitive examinations. Students should also know to balance between the school/board preparation and the competitive examinations even when school/board examinations are about to knock on the door.

Plan your leisure time- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Although it is an ordeal but a student must set pauses of pleasure of hobbies and leisure between serious study sessions to make ordeal look overall joyous fruitful experience.

Enrol yourself with a renowned institute – Simply getting the competitive material and self-study will not suffice. Slowly lack of interest and motivation will creep in due to inability to make desired progress. It is hence advised to join a reputed institute for coaching that manages well the road map of both the preparations integrally. Expertise in JEE preparation helps students to develop their essential skills and refine them progressively with time.

Why is a coaching institute necessary?

A coaching institute becomes necessary to develop analytical mind capable of parallel thinking and idea generation. They provide the optimum launch platform to help achieve their dreams.

One learns to make the most out of time available for integrated preparations with ideal methodology and time utilization. With adequate proper guidance, a dedicated coaching institute helps the students hone their analytical skills necessary to tackle the competitive examinations.

Self-learning or school curriculum may not be sufficient.Expert coaching along with self-study is panacea.

In the education sector, there are many such institutes that claim to be the best but one must be wise in taking a decision what is best for the student and who is well equipped and established in the field with consistent results for the students.
Therefore, it is advisable for the parents to take few rubrics into account before they take a decision.

How to choose the right institute?

Consistency in Results The results and feedback of any institute are based on their consistent achievements, success and testimonials should be taken into consideration as the students’ success reflects the institutes’ success.

The ability of the students to crack such exams contributes to the success of the institutes. Therefore, having prior information about the Toppers and consistency in Result is essential while choosing the best institute.

Faculty expertise It is imperative to know the qualification and teaching methodologies of the faculty. Moreover, a good coaching institute always has a large pool of faculty to ensure an uninterrupted flow of the curriculum.

Full time faculty, who have perfect pedagogical skills, years of experience and augmented wisdom and expertise needed to train students for competitive examination should be taken into consideration while choosing a coaching institute.

Pattern Proof Teaching Methodology The Testing pattern of IIT-JEE also keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the analytical ability of the aspirants along with the understanding of fundamentals.

Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts & practice of varied types of problems will always outperform the Students who confine their preparation to the exam pattern only rather than deep understanding and application of the concepts.

Since JEE Advanced has become completely Online / Computer Based Test. As expected, FIITJEE is the only institute where its students have already started experiencing the iconic All India Test Series in this new mode in a manner similar to JEE Advanced conditions.

Hence Online training and facilities are a must in the coaching institute.
Personalised Coaching Individual attention should be given to every Student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time.

The batch size should be small and Student – Faculty ratio should be optimum for one to one interaction. The institute must provide doubt clearing sessions regularly.

Comprehensive Study Materials The study materials provided must be based on years of experience & expertise and it should include best quality practice assignment with different types of questions to give students a complete exposure to concepts.

Potential lies within you, it’s just a matter of time when you unearth it and how you utilize it. Realization and subsequent prompt Action is the Key to Success!

This article is authored by R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

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