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Update: 2023-09-03 12:23 IST

Dance of life

Publisher: Author Press

Author: Dr.Divya Joshi

Price: Rs. 250 

It would not be fallacious to remark that an element of chance (read spontaneity) enters into the making of poems. Unlike prose nonfiction and even fiction and the other genres of literature, you cannot choose a particular time and moment to create poetry. This seems absolutely true when one dwells deep on the Anthology of poems “Dance of Life” authored by internationally acclaimed poet, Dr Divya Joshi.


The title ‘’Dance of Life “celebrates prakriti (adishakti) the cosmic energy, who dances the dance of life in all its glory.

Undeniably, the book is a highly captivating collection of remarkable and deeply engaging poems which warm the cockles of human heart. It consists of forty-four poems which fully resonate with all segments of the readers.

About her literary escapades, the poet is strongly of the opinion that writing is an imperative act for women, absolutely necessary for creation, survival and change, cemented itself with every single sentence that made her more joyful every time she wrote.

Her very first poem ‘Touch’ has an intense and remarkable ability to touch the subtlest chords. Reading a first few lines, readers are pleasantly and delightfully transported into some distant imaginative land where they find their hand in hand of Moon. Here I choose to quote a few initial lines of Divya

“The Blissful Moon peered behind the curtain

Inviting me for a ride

hand in hand, we both glided on an elysian journey….”

The profundity of her poetic nuggets is revealed all the more evidently when we immerse ourselves in her poem ‘Emancipation’. This poetic piece indubitably deserves special adulation for the mesmerising depiction of the most sacred process of giving birth to a baby. In addition to this, the poem also reflects on a intensity of a mother daughter bond. while in the same go, it can be dubbed as one of the finest pieces that reflects over the inevitable truths of a mother’s life and the shift in the parents-children relationship as the former grow old and the latter young.

Richly loaded with metaphysical and philosophical overtones, the poetic piece ‘Dead and Alive’ sheds light on our post death journey and firms our conviction that the end of body is not the annihilation of soul. Human soul, Wordsworth says has its dwelling in the light of setting sun. Here the poet appears to be on a special journey as all of us are on our own sojourns waiting for the final culmination. But poem has an altogether different ending which must be left for the reader to find out.

Having my tryst with all of these poems enshrined in the deeply gripping anthology, I am pertinently reminded of John Keats who is celebrated for his classy imagery. Deftly and creatively replicating the style of the great poets of all times, (here it is not at all the blind mimicry but the creative imitation of Aristotle), the poetess conjures up several vivid and convincing images on the canvas of the readers’ mind and scintillatingly weaves a magic casement which is flung open to let in a stream of multiple subtle thoughts of varied hues. In the fashion of the most successful poets of all language, Divya has freely employed several literary devices and figures of speech to enhance the beauty and charms of her work. Each sentence bears testimony to her command of language and linguistic discipline. Therefore, the collection is a must read for the Apostles of Muse. 



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