The Whispering Star - Spreads the love of righteousness known for ages as Sanatana Dharma, says Pamarty Venkataramana

Update: 2021-11-23 16:00 IST

Sri Pamarty Venkataramana

The story behind the book 'The Whispering Star' is simple and straightforward - 'unless Mankind imbibes Divinity in its every which thought, action, and activity, it cannot rise up to be called Humanity'! There are 19 tales telling the reader the importance of righteousness and a need to imbibe Santana Dharma way of life in everyday existence.


The Hans India spoke to Pamarty Venkataramana, a top-notch international corporate lawyer and member of the Supreme Court of India bar association to know more about his book 'The Whispering Star' that was released from Europe this year. Sri Ramana is called the 'Prophet of New Age Literature,' he has contributed to several forms of literature including poetry and short stories.

How does writing happen to you?

To a busy practitioner of Laws who encounters myriad problems confronting society day in and day out, and with a 21/7/365 - grind, a teetotaller bachelor has but one way of staying sane and connected to the world outside and beyond the reality of stress-filled reams of case studies, viz., Writing. Writing is both an outlet as also an entry-level towards higher dimensions of self-realization. The more you write impromptu, the more you churn out a lovely poetry or prose form of expression as the flow goes. Lo and behold, there is a sense of both self-fulfilment as well as a sense of deja vu!

Tell us about your journey as an author?

Compelling thoughts manufacture authors. Writing is akin to literacy but becoming an author is something different and equal to self-realization in a way. Thoughts flow. The mind forces you to ensure that you do not stop until the outpouring is completed either in ink on paper or digitally, nowadays. The soul is at peace once the matter in mind gets translated as a form of literary work - be it poetry, prose, or even a long essay, short story, or just a short tweet.

Being a Lawyer, how did you get into writing?

Writing ought to come as a natural flair for every Lawyer worth his salt. For me, it is a passion led by an inspiring role model, viz, my Father, who is a renowned author in his own right. Writing is a sacred act for me; all said and done.

What is the story behind your book 'The Whispering Star'? Where did you get your idea for the book?

'The Whispering Star' is a book of short stories. These 19 tales tell the reader the importance of righteousness and a need to imbibe Santana Dharma way of life in everyday existence. The story behind the book is simple and straightforward - 'unless Mankind imbibes Divinity in its every thought, action, and activity, it cannot rise up to be called Humanity'!

Tell us about the book 'The Whispering Star'.

Starting from how an exalted Pope on his visit to India discovers salvation in the honest query of an innocent little boy to the way blanket of stars in the skies get emancipation from a bright and lovely Moon amidst them to how animals outweigh humans on matters of humanity, the strand is all about spirituality yet every story weaves its own theme. You may say these are real-life experiences, and one only needs to view the universe through the third eye in order to be inspired or led to author these stories. But, to readers not in the know of mysticism, it's a case of 'believe it or not.'

Tell us about the characters of 'The Whispering Star'. Which character is close to your heart?

Every character is close to my heart as the author, just as every flower blooming on a rose bush is dear to the plant. However, the Whispering Star is a favourite differently. It nudges the reader to move out of a shell or mental block and ennui so that real joys and happiness replace euphoria or a false sense of happiness.

What are the challenges you faced while writing this book and in your life as an author?

Oh, the time factor is the biggest challenge. One can write in no time, and I never found a need to review drafts, etc., and it is always one go more due to paucity of time. Besides, this is fine amidst grueling work as a stress buster. However, finding time to address the concern of a publisher, i.e., proofreading, is a most challenging task. This book is two years later, and I, fortunately, found covid prompt lockdown period as an opportunity to undertake this task. The Whispering Star was released from Europe this year.

What is your writing process like?

My writing process is spontaneous and always done in one stretch amidst professional work or before bedtime or early mornings. The thought overpowers you and numbs your being until you pour out everything in as mellifluous a manner as the thoughts spring as in a cascade of the waterfall. Once written, serenity returns. Temporarily though, till the next searing thought comes flying like an arrow released from the bow.

Anything special about your book that you want to share?

This is a special book since it spreads the love of righteousness known for ages as Sanatana Dharma. First of its kind published in the new millennium from the western hemisphere by an Indian author. I am glad that it is well received by those professing other religious faiths and getting people to rethink preconceived notions about Mysticism and Spirituality.

What are your plans for the next book?

The next book is a book of essays titled -' X raying the Mahatma's, which lays down several prescriptions for carving a better version of #NewIndia.

Proofreading is almost complete; this must be released early next year.

Your first three books of Spiritual Poetry were published a decade ago. In a Blink, Chasing A Shadow, A Master's Piece has been well received by literary critics. When are you going to publish the next book of Poetry?

In fact, I have completed an 18-volumed Poetry Book titled 'One Life, Many Lives,' which belongs to the genre of Spiritual Poetry. This work seeks to dissect and describe the Philosophy of Love in all its facets.

What is your advice to budding writers?

Write, write, write… Write on. Pour your thoughts. Make it a daily routine. It is not the pace that is important but the act that is vital to writing. Pour your Heart out so the Soul dances. This is my sincere message to budding writers.  



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