MyVoice: Views of our readers 14th June 2024

Update: 2024-06-14 06:30 IST

Why did RSS keep quiet for 10 yrs?

The RSS chief talking of Modi’s rule as filled with arrogance and being indifferent towards Manipur is just a facade to convince people that BJP will set right its course. RSS is only helping BJP to get better hold of power reins. If not so, why RSS never voiced its displeasure over the last 10 years over various misdoings of BJP like blatant misuse of central agencies to subdue opposition, creating hurdles to CMs through Governors, favours to Adani, topping duly elected state governments etc.


P R Ravinder, Hyderabad

Joblessness driving youth abroad

It is heart-wrenching to note that 41 Indians from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and some Northern states lost their precious lives in a deadly fire that devastated an apartment complex in Kuwait on June 12. Man-made disasters are happening more due to carelessness in taking precautions. Labour are preferring to go abroad for livelihood in the face of joblessness in India. Govt must give a thought why job opportunities are bleak in India.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

None keen to douse Manipur flames

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat raised the need to resolve issues of Manipur in the most amicable way. The less said the better. It appears to me that all sides of the political spectrum are interested in keeping this pot boiling issue without any concrete effort to resolve the same. The fact that the state is far removed from the main cities and states gives it a sense of distance and deniability, except when you see those ghastly and gory images. Clearly, the government has failed to contain the mayhem which is going on.

C K Subramaniam, Mumbai

Witch hunt likely soon against Jagan

Chandrababu Naidu has apparently made some study and hard work while choosing his cabinet. There was an attempt to please all sections of the society. However, CBN’s previous work record tells a different story. This time he found another China Rajappa in Pawan Kalyan when he made the latter the Deputy CM and Home Minister. During 2014-19 it was Nara Lokesh who ‘looked’ after the Home portfolio by default, relegating China Rajappa to the background. Though PK is not expected to be a dummy Home minister, there is something more than meets the eye. Witch hunting to corner former CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and to get his bail cancelled in the DA cases appear to be on the agenda of the home ministry as PK has to settle scores with the YSRCP chief.

Govardhana Myneedu, Vijayawada

Find ways to mitigate farm distress

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the new Agricultural Minister, has rightly said that “Can’t do alone, need a hardworking team” (June 12) because of several challenges in the sector. They are: Fragmented landholdings with about 89% of agricultural households owning less than 2 acres, leading to inefficiencies, economies of scale and inadequate income even for a small family. Some kind of cooperative farming may be a solution. Farmers take multiple loans from various sources, most of them unable to pay, a major cause for their suicides. Waiver of farm loans by government has limitations, other means to be evolved to find solution to the loan problems and curbing suicides. Agricultural practices need to be adapted to suit weather conditions due to climate change. Over exploitation of ground water and market access to farmers and storage facilities, too, need serious attention.

Dr O Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

Plastic prospers at nature’s cost

Sub: Who will bell the cat? This has reference to the article on plastic pollution. Since 1957, the plastic had been promoted, sold and it is still used in day-to-day life. There are several colleges offering Masters, PG, Degree and Diploma courses in Plastic Engineering. Our country has around 50,000 plastic processing units employing thousands. Union Minister of Commerce and Industry has mentioned that the domestic plastic sector in our country has tremendous potential to grow. Thus the plastic is there everywhere. So far, no one has found an equivalent material which can replace the plastic in total. As long as the plastic prospers, its pollution too becomes uncontrollable.

G Murali Mohan Rao, Secunderabad



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