Kondapalli Fort to be a tourist destination

Update: 2018-06-22 06:16 IST

Vijayawada: Commissioner of the Department of Archeology and Museums G Vani Mohan said that the Kondapalli Fort would be developed at a cost of Rs 7 crore and Bapu Museum would be inaugurated in Vijayawada in four months.

Addressing a media conference here on Thursday at the Bapu Museum, she said that the Central government released Rs 7.3 crore for the development of Kondapalli Fort, which was built in 14th century by Reddy rulers of Andhra region.


She said the historical fort at Ibrahimpatnam near Vijayawada would be developed as a major tourist destination in Krishna district. She said Durbar Hall renovation works were already started. Debris piled up at Durbar Hall is being removed and new lime concrete will be replaced in the Durbar Hall, which is the main attraction of the fort.

Lime, sand, jaggery and brick powder mixture was used for strengthening the structure of the fort, she added. She said tradition system is followed to strengthen the fort to protect its natural beauty, she said.  


Beautiful paintings related to the Reddy kings, Kutubshahi rulers of Hyderabad, Sri Krishnadevaraya and British rulers would be arranged at Durbar Hall. Besides, basic amenities, cafeteria, souvenir shop would be arranged for the convenience of visitors.

She further that conservation works for Diwan-e-Aam, Rani Mahal and market yard and other structures already started.  Vani Mohan said efforts were on to showcase the history and development of the Kondapalli Fort.  

Referring to Bapu Museum, the Commissioner said that the Central government released Rs 3 crore for the development of Bapu Museum. She said that showcases would be built inside the new museum building for display of hundreds of antiques.

She said due to funds crunch, the inauguration of Bapu Museum is getting delayed and hoped it would be opened in four months.  Air condition, CCTV cameras would be installed in newly built Bapu Museum building.

She said the Department of Archeology and Museums is functioning with skeletal staff, trained technicians and most importantly paucity of funds. Deputy director N Mallikarjuna Rao and others were present at the press meet.

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