Incredible Journey of a Homemaker to an Entrepreneur

Satvic Masalas

Satvic Masalas


Satvic is not just a brand. It's a dream of becoming independent and proving to the world that a woman can achieve anything at any age if she sets her mind and heart to it.

Mrs Jamana Mahajan, a loving mother and homemaker now turned into an entrepreneur and an inspiration for others... including me! Everything changed on the eve of her 57th birthday when she shared her dreams with her son and then officially got Satvic Foods registered. This entrepreneur was a caring wife and a loving mother for more than three decades. She made her dreams into reality with the magic in her hands and her family support. She aims to share this tasty homemade, organic and nutritious food with others as well.

Satvic is a 100% natural, organic and handmade spice business, which provides spices powder from the best quality of raw material from the scratch providing all the necessary nutrients. Satvic is not just a brand but an inspiration and a live example of dreams turning into reality.

Mrs Mahajan says, "I always wanted to do something of my own. Something that gives me an identity. On the eve of my 57th birthday, my son and I started to discuss the possibilities and whether we can have our product line. Initially, I was a bit nervous but had always been confident that I can surely do something."

On its first day, Satvic Foods sold 15 items worth Rs 5,600 (including two products from the family members purchased to raise the morale). It was a fantastic day for Mrs Mahajan and her family, who have never worked in a business before.

All About Satvic

Satvic means virtuous, pure, good, and important. Satvic is not just a brand. It's a dream of becoming independent and proving to the world that a woman can achieve anything at any age if she sets her mind and heart to it.

Mrs Jamana Mahajan - Founder of Satvic Foods

"The idea of Satvic came from within. My son had moved back to Ujjain after living in Mumbai for over a decade and was not staying too well. We contacted many doctors and physicians, but in the end, proper homemade food and the kadas came to his rescue. When we were brainstorming the products, he quickly said why not sell the masalas that I have been making for everyone at home!" says Mrs Mahajan with a striking smile on her face.

Satvic is the result of the hard work and passion of four members of Mahajan's family. Mr and Mrs Mahajan procure the raw materials from the market. Then the masalas are sundried and hand grounded to a fine mix. Mr Mahajan looks after the storage and her son and daughter-in-law handle all the operations and logistics. Satvic products get tested by a NABL accredited laboratory that follows FSSAI guidelines. She personally fills up each and every jar to ensure the quality is intact.

Mrs Mahajan filling up the jars

Challenges of Satvic journey

She says, "Manufacturing the products was not a difficult part since she was doing it for the last three decades. But my son faced a lot of issues in acquiring the food license as we are just a small business where we don't even have a plant! It took us almost two and a half months to get the correct information that lead us to start Satvic Foods."

Few words for the women and budding entrepreneurs

Never stop dreaming. Always be hopeful and remember that if you want to make your identity, then you have to take the first step. The support from family is very important but in the end, it all comes down to this -- what do you really want to do with your life?

Mrs Mahajan says, "My advice to all the budding entrepreneurs is to read as much as you can. When you read, you will find new ways to find an identity for yourself."

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