A vision document for World Telugu University

A vision document for World Telugu University

A vision document for World Telugu University


The Telugu University Came in to being on December 2,1985 as a symbol of resurgence of Telugu arts and culture, due to the vision of the then Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao

The Telugu University Came in to being on December 2,1985 as a symbol of resurgence of Telugu arts and culture, due to the vision of the then Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao.

Telugu University (Hyderabad) is 35 year old now. Its main objectives were the comprehensive development of our sacred Telugu language, fine arts, culture and its sciences, but such a university never registered a proper growth following the exit of NTR from political power. The later governments never paid due attention to the development of the university.

Telangana State emerged as a separate entity 30 years later under the dynamic leadership of KCR. Following KCR's emergence as the first CM of Telangana State, Telangana language, literature and culture found a new impetus. The entire Telangana region began to cherish the vibrant culture of the land in several diverse forms for the first time under the forward looking leadership of KCR.

Drawing inspiration from the visionary leadership of KCR, Telangana poets, writers and its artists began their march in the direction of the development of Telangana in the sphere of Telangana culture, fine arts, language, and literature. It had been possible for the cultural ambassadors of Telangana to organise a World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad in 2017 under the unique leadership of CM KCR. Such an excellent conference organised in Hyderabad acted as a catalyst for an integrated and comprehensive development of Telangana culture.

CM KCR spent money lavishly on the conference and succeeded in drawing the attention of the people and artists of Telangana with in Telangana and the Telangana Diaspora scattered all over the world. The conference registered instantaneous success due to the broad vision and large heartedness of KCR.

The people of Telangana all over the world realised for the first time that they have a great CM, dedicated to the revival of the submerged values of Telangana in every field of activity, particularly in the areas of Telangana folk songs, fine arts, language, its dialects, literature and particularly revival of Batukamma festival, unique to Telangana.

Telugu University located in the heart of Hyderabad city looks up to KCR for the revival and renaissance of Telangana culture in all its manifestations in the context of the growth, development and transformation of the present Telugu University as a world Telugu university. Let me spell out some of my views.

1. The Very nomenclature and contours of the present Telugu University need to be drastically changed under the able leadership of KCR. The University needs to be transformed as a symbol of the glory reflecting the pride and the ancestry of the people of Telangana, on the lines of the World Telangana Conference organised under KCRs leadership in 2017. The nomenclature of the Telugu University could be renamed either as World Telugu University or as International Telugu University.

2. The Telugu University could be named after the great poets of Telangana like Mahakavi Pothana, Palkurki Somanatha, Mallinatha Suri (resident of Medak) or Vidyaranyaswamy (resident of Warangal), who epitomise Telangana Pride and its grandeur of the by-gone times.

3. The University needs to expand its scope and its activities by making necessary amendments to the Telangana Education Act to changes its nomenclature as the World Telugu University.

4. Financial Resources are like oxygen to any institution for its maintenance and its autonomy. Let me suggest the following measures for strengthening the financial resources of the Telugu University

a) Revival and reconsideration of the existing resources of the University.

b) Several Telugus in the diaspora all over the world could be enrolled as affiliate members of the Telugu University on a permanent basis for strengthening the financial resources of the University. Funds can be raised from various Indian State governments, where with overwhelming Telugu population and the resourceful Telugu people in these states. An MoU could be reached with all these governments, groups of Telugu people and individuals.

c) Donations may be collected from the resourceful industrialists and rich individuals residing in Telangana, and other states and countries who are known for their interests in developing the rich Telangana Cultural Heritage.

d) Funds could also be collected from several central agencies like the UGC, ICHR, CSIT, CIIL, Central Sahitya Academy etc, by organising seminars, programmes, workshops and publication of books.

e) Funds could be sought from FOSSIL for strengthening various folklore -ballads, song recitals and performance of folklore.

f) Funds can be sought from the Central government for the promotion of fine arts like music and various dance forms including tribals.

g) Programmes in distance education in Telugu need to be accessible to the admirers and lovers of Telugu culture outside Telangana, and all such programmes should be conducted competently for enhancing funding for the Telugu University.

h) Telugu language certificate programmes need to be organised for those interested in the Telugu Language outside Telangana and the non-Telugu officers serving the Telangana state for the purpose of rising funds for the Telugu University

i) Publication of a monthly magazine meant for the promotion of Telugu language and culture such a magazine needs to be published every month regularly. At least one lakh magazines should be published every month and sold to several institutions and individuals for rising funds for the university.

j) Strengthening financial resources through the sale of books published by the Telugu University.

Raising financial resources for the Telugu University is an important activity. However, yet another significant activity is to promote Telugu Culture and its language throughout the world where there are clusters of Telugu people in any part of the world. Actually this can be done a little more imaginatively.

Just as the Telugu Akademi attained financial self sufficiency by acquiring Rs. 400 crore through various means, Telugu University can also explore such avenues for obtaining an amount of Rs. 500 crore in a similar fashion in the direction of having a surplus money for which several measures have been suggested in this note.

(The author is Former Director, Telugu Akademi)

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