The happiness depends on essential skills

The happiness depends on essential skills

The happiness depends on essential skills


Life passes by quickly before you realise it.

Life passes by quickly before you realise it. When the youth of today grow into adults they should be ready for life. Life is beautiful if lived in a skilful manner. It is always accompanied and coupled with pleasant, unpleasant, disbelieving surprises. We have one valuable, precious, priceless life. Make it useful. Life is surrounded with so many odds and complications so make it successful, meaningful and are well equipped to face it. Achieve life goals with essential skills.

Going to school /college and studying different subjects gives the young in-depth knowledge they need about thesubject. But this does not mean that it essentially equips them with essential skills for life.

The youth need to develop a set of core life skills to manage their study place, workplace, outside interests and social relationships successfully. These skills are nothing but planning, focusing, self-control, awareness of happenings around you and flexibility.

None is born with these skills but all can learn through practice.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines these skills as "abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life". Thus, essential skills are basic life skills that help an individual in leading a meaningful life and a better adjustment in society.

Life skills in other words can be described as a kind of psychological competence and personal skills that help people carefully make big decisions, communicate effectively with others and manage oneself and come out of all sorts of situations and if need be able to turn them around to suit your progress and position.

Earlier education was defined as the all-round development of a child, now the education is being directed towards the child's fullest potential. Life skills are among essential learning tools for survival.

These skills help you in improving the quality of life that is being inquisitive, to act to live and let live in the society and at the same time be happy and comfortable. Life skills help an individual to become more assertive, more communicative with others by enhancing good auditory skills and learn to effectively handle stress and strain, deal with disappointments and failures in life. The skills self-motivate people to indulge in creative activities following a healthy life style.

If youth are physically and emotionally self-reliant, they will face less peer pressure and minimum influence from them to experiment with anything that is new to them like drugs, smoking and drinking that go with a statutory warning 'injurious to health'. Going against peer pressure demands mental and emotional strength. Someone who is strong, confident and assertive will know how to express his or her feelings and successfully manoeuvre with others.

Life skills aid you with the ability to deal effectively, the demands and challenges you come across in day-to-day life.

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