Coronavirus: Tips to be productive while working from home

Coronavirus: Tips to be productive while working from homeFor representational purpose

Working from home is a double-edged sword: you can stay home, but it is challenging to focus on work.

With the spread of the new coronavirus affecting international travel to the availability of hand sanitizer. Spreading COVID-19 has become a concern. That is why many companies are recommending employees to work remotely until the virus gets slow down.

Many people imagine working from the comfort of their home, giving up their journey in favour of more hours of sleep, family, or exercise. But working from home is a double-edged sword: you can stay home, but it is challenging to focus on work whether a favourite movie or a Netflix show looks more appealing than your office to-do list. Staying productive at home needs a little extra effort. Also, isolation can quickly become a disappointment which is used to socializing at work.

So first you should probably eat breakfast, and get dressed. How else can you concentrate on work and mentally healthy while working from home?

Here are a few tips from people who work from home:

  • Location
  • Find a comfortable workplace that you can associate with your work and leave once you wind up your task. It means getting up from the couch and getting out of bed. Don't work from your bed at all, not at any cost. Avoid going out after you have been given the opportunity of working from home. Remember now work from home are meant to prevent spreading COVID-19. Going out in a public place is likely counterproductive.

  • Communication
  • Go beyond email and use other digital tools that replicate the in-person office experience and offers clear communication. Lack of communication may force you to feel isolated, try to communicate face-to-face if possible. Use apps like Slack and videoconferencing services like Zoom.

  • Plan your Day
  • When you are working alone, you should keep a more organized daily schedule than usual. If you don't plan your day correctly, you soon feel left out and get bored. Take breaks while working, sip a cup of tea near your window, play with your kid and try finishing jobs on priority.

  • Find a Companion
  • If you are a social person, find a friend to be productive without your most chatty coworkers always chatting in your ear. But social interactions with coworkers can ease feelings of loneliness. Psychological effects of working from home for an extended period is often ignored. Despite it being a very significant factor in our mental well-being and team bonding.

So, as companies are making mandatory for employees to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, they should also understand that every person is different and help employees struggling with the change of work from home.

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