30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Movie Review & Rating {2.25/5}

30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Movie Review: Popular Anchor Pradeep Machiraju is a widely known television celebrity in the industry. After playing some minor roles in movies like Attarintiki Daredi, Pradeep Machiraju became a hero with '30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela' movie. A newcomer Munna Dhulipudi is wielding the megaphone for this project. Babu SV under SV Productions banner is bankrolling this project. Amrita Aiyer is playing the female lead in this film. Touted to be a comedy-drama, the movie focuses on the reincarnation theme. The film finally hit the theatres today on January 29th. Let's check out the review of the movie.


The story revolves around the forbidden love story of Pradeep and Amrita in the past and present lives. The movie opens with their past life set in the pre-independence era where they love each other but die due to some unfortunate circumstances. In the present, they get reincarnated as Arjun and Akshara but hate each other. Interestingly, their bodies get interchanged. What happens next? Will they fall in love again? What happened in the end forms the rest of the story.


Pradeep Machiraju's outstanding performance added more strength to the movie. Especially his comedy timing will impress the audience. Even in the emotional scenes, he did well in this movie. Amritha Aiyer did his best in giving competition to Pradeep. Especially, her performance in the comedy scenes is good. She also looked absolutely stunning in the film and delivered a refreshing performance in the movie. Subhalekha Sudhakar's performance is too good. Hema and Posani Krishna Murali acted naturally in the movie. Harsha Chemudu and Hyper Aadi also delivered decent performances in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Director Munna Dhulipudi has prepared an interesting plotline for the movie. Despite having two different backdrops and an interesting concept of reincarnation, the director succeeds in focusing on both equally and induced the story with all the commercial elements. Though his pace of narration is somewhat slow, it will engage the audience. Production values by SV Babu under SV Productions are the major highlight of the film. Music by Anup Rubens added more strength to this movie. Not only the songs, but also his exceptional BGM will grab the attention of the audience. Cinematographer Dasarathi Sivendhara has produced some beautiful visuals for this movie. Editing by Praveen KL is clean and neat.


The movie starts off well and the love story in the flashback scenes is showcased well. However, the director has failed to grab the attention in the present sequences. The major twist before the interval is not that interesting and even the second half is extremely boring and the sloppy narration will irritate the audience. Despite having some plus points like performances, music, and comedy, the forced emotions, slow-paced narration, and boring screenplay became the biggest minus points of the film. On the whole, '30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela' is just an average film and can be watched once.