A1 Express Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

A1 Express is a Telugu movie starring Sundeep Kishan in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu. Lavanya Tripathi played the film's heroine. The film released today. Check out the film's review here.


Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) falls in love with hockey player (Lavanya Tripathi) in Yanam. Around the same time, there is a plan by minister (Rao Ramesh) to encroah the land where Lav plays hockey. In a series of events, Sanju takes up a mission to save the ground from the corrupted leaders. Why did he take up the job? What did he do to save the ground? What happens in the end? Forms the film's story.


When compared to his previous movies, Sundeep Kishan definitely got a challenging role in this film and every frame will showcase the hard work and efforts Sundeep Kishan has put in for this film. Especially, the way he acted in the emotional scenes is too good. Lavanya Tripathi's performance is superb and the way she blended with the character deserves appreciation. Rao Ramesh acted naturally in the film. Murali Sharma slipped into the character effortlessly and delivered his best performance. Priyadarshi and Raghu Babu are also good in their respective roles. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu should definitely get the entire credit for handling and properly executing the story. The way he dealt with the storyline is engaging. His pace of narration is also really impressive and will definitely impress the audience. Production values by Dream Warrior Pictures and Vivekanandha Films are superb and it is evident that producers have invested decent amounts for the movie. Music by Hiphop Tamizha is lovely. He has produced some catchy tunes for the film and also some captivating background score for this film. The camera angles of Kavin Raj are too good. Editing by Chota K. Prasad is clean.


On paper, A1 Express has a simple storyline. But the hockey angle makes things interesting in the movie. While watching the film, we feel that the team should have focussed more on hockey scenes than the romantic ones. Despite of the imbalance in both the sections, A1 Express turns out to be a decent outing. The major factor that helped the movie was the performances of Sundeep Kishan, Rao Ramesh and Lavanya Tripathi. The rest of the main cast also did their best. The interval twist could have been dealt with in a better way. When things seem to be going off-the-track in the second half, the director compensates it with an engaging climax. A few comedy scenes will also work well with the viewers. Totally, A1 Express is a good watch this weekend, even though it has a few drawbacks.