Aadi Saikumar Top Gear Movie Review

Aadi, the son of veteran actor Sai Kumar, is bust doing multiple films irrespective of the film's Box Office results. His latest flick, Top Gear, has been released today. Let's see how it fares at the BO.


Siddharth (Mime Gopi), a notorious gangster, successfully completes a large narcotics transaction and makes his way to Singapore. However, to carry out the deal, he travels to Hyderabad. Arjun (Aadi Sai Kumar), on the other side, is a taxi driver who just got hitched. To save his wife, Aadhya, he becomes involved in narcotics deal and must follow the instructions of the bad guys (Riya Suman).


Although the basic idea of the plot is simple, the execution is decent. The director connects the turns beautifully and goes into great detail. The female lead Riya Suman does a respectable job.

Aadi Sai Kumar gets better with each movie and exhibits a lot of maturity in Top Gear. He is cast in a demanding role and performs admirably. Satyam Rajesh and Brahmaji's cameos are good.


There are some loose ends in the movie. The hero finds himself in a difficult circumstance and has multiple opportunities to call the police, but he chooses not to. A few mistakes are made in the second half as the climax is resolved quickly.

The plot of the story is rather predictable and offers nothing novel. Additionally, Aadi's trauma due to his circumstances needs to have been highlighted much more. Despite having so many opportunities, no panic situation is ever presented in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

The movie's music is excellent, and Harshvardhan, a young composer, did a fantastic job. His BGM was strong in the second half. The entire movie takes place at night, and the locations are exquisitely highlighted. Editing is passable.

Regarding the film's director, Sashikanth, he did a passable job. Even though the plot isn't particularly original, the mind tricks he uses to involve the people in different stages of the story are intriguing. He also had a strong narration and kept the running duration of the movie short.

Final Verdict:

Top Gear is, overall, a passable crime drama with a few intriguing thrills. Although there is nothing particularly novel in this picture, the filmmaker has managed to keep your interest and make you feel a connection to the story in a few places.