Amigos Movie Review- A Film with a Interesting Concept, but Middling Narration

The movie "Amigos" follows the story of Siddharth (played by Kalyan Ram), a man from Hyderabad who is captivated by the idea of doppelgangers. He embarks on a quest to find his own lookalikes and surprisingly discovers two of them, Manjunath Hedge and Michael. With the help of Manjunath and Michael, Siddharth sets out to win over Ishika (played by Ashika Ranganath). However, things take a shocking turn when Siddharth and Manjunath discover the true identity of Michael.

The standout aspect of the film is undoubtedly the performance of Kalyan Ram. He brilliantly portrays three distinct characters, showing his versatility as an actor. He shines in each role, especially as Michael, and is the standout feature of the movie. The second half of the film is also well-done and creates a tense atmosphere between the protagonist and antagonist. Additionally, the placement of the song "Enno Ratrulosthayi" adds much-needed relief to the film's dramatic tone.

However, the film does have its shortcomings. The concept of doppelgangers is interesting, but the screenplay could have been more engaging. The first half of the film is slow-paced and fails to create any excitement, while the second half picks up the pace. Additionally, the film lacks twists and turns, making it predictable. The portrayal of the NIA is also unsatisfactory, and the film could have benefited from sharper editing and a more effective background score.

The cinematography by Soundar Rajan is good and the production values are high, but the editing could have been better. The debutant director, Rajendra Reddy, selected an intriguing concept and cast the film well, but the writing let him down.

"Amigos" is a decent film that benefits from Kalyan Ram's excellent performance and the well-done second half. However, the slow pace and predictable plot hold the film back from being a great thriller.