Ante Sundaraniki Review: Emotional yet entertaining

Ante Sundaraniki” starring Nani and Nazriya Fahadh in the lead roles under the direction of Vivek Athreya has hit the theatres and getting all positives responses. Their chemistry looked promising right from the release of the teaser to date. Let us look at the positives and negatives of the film and how it gains at the box-office.


Sundar (Nani) is the only male heir of an extremely orthodox Hindu family. As such, extreme care, even if seemingly ridiculous, is taken in his upbringing. Leela (Nazriya), who comes from a Christian family, is always striving for her individuality and to make a name for herself. What happens when these two individuals from different religions fall in love? What are the chances they can get their families to agree to them getting married? What happens when your brilliant ideas start to materialize forms the rest of the plot.


“Ante Sundaraniki” is a double-meaning phrase in Telugu that implies a person has a sexual problem. Starting as a regular romantic comedy, Nani starrer “Ante Sundariniki” slowly reveals the main theme of fertility and exposes how parents and society behave differently to the same problem for a woman and a man.

Directed by Vivek Athreya of ‘Brochevarevarura’ fame, the film begins in his trademark style of twists and turns with comic episodes. But the first half of the film has lots of issues. The first half of the film is riddled with absurd situations.

Nani and Nazriya’s backstories and childhood episodes occupy the major portion of the runtime. Furthermore, the director doesn’t use a straight narrative for a simple situation as well. A character in the film asks Nani why does he tell every mundane incident of his life in a reverse way. Even audience feel the same! However, the humor continues to flow throughout. And, everything makes sense in the second half. The drama is more convincing, and the emotions work better in the latter part.

Finally, “Ante Sundaraniki” is a perfect family meal for the Telugu audiences this season. Nani and Nazriya run the show entirely with loads of entertainment and emotions. Vivek Athreya’s writing brilliance is what keeps you attached and engaged with the film. The director succeeded in giving non-stop entertainment for three hours.


Nani is a natural actor, as known to us all. He delivered another impressive and natural performance as Sundar Prasad in this film. He delivered every aspect as Sundar Prasad in the film.

Nazriya Fahadh is going to stay in Telugu cinema for a very long period. She gave a mesmerising performance as Leela Thomas. Be it screen presence or performance, Nazriya is just brilliant. Nazriya needs to be applauded for her efforts in dubbing in Telugu on her own.

Both the child actors, who played the young Sundar and Young Leela are very brilliant to pull off their respective characters. They are the ones who setup the stage for Nani and Nazriya to explode further in the lead roles.

The actors who played the roles of the parents, Naresh and Rohini, Perumal and Nadiya are the ones who pulled off the major part of the film. Among them, Naresh and Nadiya are the show stealers. Naresh is at his best as Sundar’s father in the film.

Anupama Parameswaran plays a small but important special role as Sowmya alongside Nani in the film. She is beautiful by the looks and decent with the performance. Venkatesh Maha once again shines on screen in another important role. Harsha Vardhan is the leading comedian in the film. Every scene of Harsha with Nani is just hilarious and generates fun. Harsha’s reactions to Nani’s frustration are priceless. Rahul Ramakrishna provided some laughs even in a small role.


“Ante Sundaraniki” is a true reflection of Vivek Athreya’s honest writing and storytelling. Vivek Athreya welcomes the audience into the world of his film by opening it with exposing the worlds of Sundar and Leela, in complete contrast with each other. Vivek produced hilarious laughs with them, in a respectful way. The emotions between humans, the true feelings of parents and the trust between Sundar and Leela are the little things which add beauty to the film.

Few dialogues in the film are very thought provoking and hard hitting. Vivek Sagar’s combination with Vivek Athreya worked out once again with “Ante Sundaraniki.” “Entha Chithram” is the best song of the entire album. While coming to background score, Vivek Sagar’s fusion music attracts audience.

Niketh Bommi’s cinematography looks colourful particularly, the Kerala wedding episode and capturing the feelings of Nani and Nazriya after the proposal scene are the highlights of his camera work. Raviteja’s editing can be much better. The first half looks so lengthy and there were many scenes which can be chopped off.


Entertainment and emotions mixed well


Good Writing


First half is stretched

Songs could have been much better