“Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam” Review: Vishwak wins with a sensible subject

“Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam” is one of the films that had huge expectations from the release of the first glimpse. Vishwak Sen tried out a unique role. With all this positivity around, the film is released. Let’s see how it works at box-office.


The film is about the inter-caste marriage between the Telangana guy, Arjun Kumar Allam (Vishwak Sen), and the Godavari girl, Pasupuleti Madhavi (Rukshar Dhillon). Arjun is a 33-year-old bachelor from Suryapet and is forced to get married by his family, but finds it difficult to find a girl for marriage from the same caste. However, he finally finds Madhavi from another caste and gets ready for marriage. Arjun likes her very much and falls in love with her, but unfortunately, Madhavi rejects marrying Arjun. Why Madhavi rejects Arjun and how Arjun convinces Madhavi in return to marry her plots the rest.


Ravi Kiran Kola penned a simple story that will get connected to every Telugu audience. He packed a lot of entertainment and many emotions, along with the plot of the story. The lead characters are designed so brilliantly that the youngsters get connected to them. The same was done with the other main cast of the film, that is the families of the bride and bridegroom, so as to attract the family audience. Using the lockdown during Covid times as the main base to set up the film is another trick that worked out for the film.

One of the major drawbacks is the predictable nature of the film. Once the film takes a key turn, things become quite predictable and you exactly know what is going to happen next. The emotions in the second half of the film look a bit forced. Ruksaar Dhillon has a key role but it is diluted as the way she creates a rift in the story has not been showcased well.

On a whole, “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam” is a perfect fun-filled family entertainer from Tollywood for this summer. Honest writing, brilliant execution, and genuine performances altogether entertains audience.


Vishwak Sen looks so fresh in the film as if this is his first film. He totally left his mass image behind, transformed a lot, changed his getup and setup, and presented himself as Arjun Kumar Allam to the audience. One can see a new Vishwak Sen in the film. To be particular, we can see only Arjun Kumar Allam throughout the film, rather than Vishwak Sen. His innocence, introverted character, and words are all totally different and unique. Such an involving and justified performance was given by Vishwak Sen.

Rukshar Dhillon equally did well with Vishwak. Madhavi is one of the best well-written female characters in the recent Telugu commercial cinema, and Rukshar justified every page of that writing with her settled performance. Going by the looks, Rukshar is very cute and attractive. She looks very pretty in the sarees throughout the film. Remaining actors Rajkumar Kasireddy, Goparaju Ramana, and Kadambari Kiran filled the first half of the film with their outstanding comedy and hilarious moments.


Vidya Sagar executed the story so well and justified every character and scene. Handling such a family drama with a huge cast in a single location isn’t an easy task, but the director lived up to the challenge and gave an excellent output. The film gets straight away into the plot at the very beginning of the film and provides many laughs throughout the first half. The film gets interested right from the pre-interval and Arjun Kumar’s conflict makes the audience much more involved in the second half, post-interval.

Jay Krish composed very clean and fresh music for the film. The songs are very pleasant and refreshing. Besides the songs, Jay Krish’s background score is another added advantage to the film. His selection of unique sounding in most of the scenes worked out perfectly and provided laughs. Jay Krish also made his mark in the emotional scenes. The cinematographer Pavan and the art director Pravalya need to be appreciated for their respective works. They took the audience into the village setup and gave them a pleasant feel.


Actor’s performances

Screen writing



Predictable scenes

Forced emotions in latter half