Brandy Diaries Movie Review {3.25}

Brandy diaries, A Novel story told with all new faces, released this Friday created reasonable buzz with director’s interviews going viral on some youtube channels.

Let us review the movie.

Srinu, a civils aspirant gets addicted alcohol after his failure in his IAS interview. He accidentally meets four alcoholics and an intelligent girl. How srinu fights with his inner demons and how the stories of four alcoholics and the girl end up forms the crux of the story.


All most all new actors performed adequately. Hero and heroine fitted the bill perfectly. Highlights are the actors who played the characters of Johnson and Varma. Many theatre artists with their intense performances enlivened the proceedings.


Production values of this indie film are impressive.

Photography is on par with a medium budget film.

Three songs are good. One song penned by famous folk lyricist Penchaldas tops the list, It is going to be haunting who have philosophical bent of mind.

BGM is fresh, but occasionally noisy.


Sivudu, the debutant director falters a bit in the first half. But, he is in complete form in second half which is the strength of the film. Climax is fresh and highly satisfying for the audience who prefer experimental movies.

If you want to spend your weekend in a meaningful way, go for it.