‘Changura Bangaru Raja’ review: A captivating village drama

“Changure Bangaru Raja” is a Telugu-language crime comedy-drama film written and directed by debut director Satish Varma. The film stars Karthik Rathnam and Goldie Nissy in lead roles along with Ravi Babu, Satya, Ester Noronha, Ajay, Nitya Sri, Vasu Inturi, Raj Tirandasu, Moin and others in key supporting roles. The music is composed by Krishna Saurabh and the film is produced by Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, under RT Team Works banner.

StoryRavi Teja

The film happens in a village named Duggada, a place where everyone is in pursuit of colour stones that fall on earth when it rains. One day when it rains, Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam), a bike mechanic gets into a fight with Somu Naidu (Raj Tirandasu) for a colured stone. The next day Somu Naidu is found murdered. Police arrest Bangarraju, but he manages to come out on bail and is focused on knowing who murdered Somu Naidu. How does he crack the case and find the real murderer? How Tatarao (Satya) and Gateelu (Ravi Babu) are connected to the story? Needs to be seen in the film.


Karthik Ratnam doesn’t suit the part perfectly but he does his best to do justice to the character with his sincere effort. A well-known lead actor could have been cast for his particular role. Goldie Nissy is just about fine in her role as the female constable. Her love track with Karthik Ratnam is boring and they do not share a neat chemistry on screen too. Satya and Ravi Babu as usual tickle the funny bones with their unique comedy timing. Both their respective scenes are the only parts where the film works. Nitya Sri looks cute and does a pretty decent job in her limited scenes as Satya’s girlfriend. Ester Noronha, Ajay, Vasu Inturi, Raj Tirandasu, Moin & others are fine in their supporting roles.


The story by Satish Varma is captivating. The storyline is one of the strongest aspects of the movie. But the problem is it’s not that engaging on screen. The film primarily runs around a murder and the murder that happens does not raise any curiosity or a sense of interest in making us know about the proceedings. The screenplay too is poorly written. The narrative pattern of showing the murder from four different perspectives which the makers choose to follow does not work as expected. The dialogues by Janardhan Pasumarthi and Satish Varma added the required value to the plot or the much-needed fun to the film’s genre.

The cinematography by Sundar NC is good while the edit by Karthik Vunnava should have been a lot crisper as almost about 15 minutes in the film could have been easily chopped off, especially in the latter half of the film.

The music by Krishna Saurabh fails to leave a lasting impression. The songs are forgettable and the background score too is very ordinary. The production values by RT Team Works are good.