‘Detective Karthik’ movie review: Intriguing Murder Mystery

Detective Karthik, starring Rajath Raghav as the protagonist, hit the screens. The film created decent buzz with its promotional content. Here is the detail review of the film. Let’s check out how it fares at box-office.


The story begins with puzzling murder of Rishita, a tenth-grade student, along with the disappearance of Sandhya, a private detective investigating the case. Sandhya’s boyfriend, Karthik, takes it upon himself to solve both the missing person case and the school student’s murder. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he encounters numerous twists and challenges. “Detective Karthik” unfolds the gripping journey of how Karthik unravels the murder mystery, overcoming obstacles along the way.


The director skillfully crafts a compelling screenplay, essential for any successful detective story that keeps the audience engrossed throughout. The film creatively incorporates elements of cybercrime, resonating with today’s tech-savvy youth and delivering a pertinent message. It sheds light on the consequences of technology misuse, including crimes committed by individuals consumed by greed for money.

Additionally, the film subtly highlights the perils of excessive reliance on technology, particularly concerning video calling, leaving the audience with valuable insights. The film successfully weaves a captivating narrative, enveloping the audience in a web of suspense and intrigue, making it a perfect choice for fans of the detective genre.

On a whole, “Detective Karthik” is a riveting murder mystery that holds the audience’s attention with its well-crafted screenplay and relevant themes.


Rajat Raghav’s portrayal of the titular character, Karthik, impresses him with its authenticity and engaging demeanor. Both co-stars deliver commendable performances, bringing depth to their respective roles. Although the student characters perform adequately, Abhilash shines as the computer teacher.


Director Venkat Narendra makes wise story and character choices, addressing relevant issues today’s youth face. While the cinematography and editing add to the film’s allure, the music takes a backseat, not playing a prominent role in this purely detective-based story. The producer has wisely invested in the movie’s quality, producing visually appealing and engaging production.




Gripping narration


Slow scenes in the second half