Door Ke Darshan On Netflix: A Mixed Bag Of Emotions And Nostalgia

Door Ke Darshan On Netflix: A Mixed Bag Of Emotions And Nostalgia
Director: Gagan Puri
Produced By: Ritu Arya
Music By: Meet Bros

Door Ke Darshan Review: Door Darshan, the name brings to mind so many beautiful memories. The national television channel may not match up to the present day satellite channels. However, the old world charm continues to garner TRPs for the channel. How else would you explain the experience of watching Mahabharat reruns during lockdown bringing a sense of nostalgia to the TV audience? Not only was it a hit show again. Ramayan and Mahabharat were also the most-watched shows beating all the other shows aired on other channels.

Now, back to this particular movie on Netflix. The movie stars Manu Rishi, Mahie Gill (of Dev D fame), Dolly Ahluwalia, Mehak Manwani and Shardul Rana. Directed and written by Gagan Puri, the movie has been edited by Shubham Srivastava for which Soni Singh has done camera work.

So what is the movie Door ke Darshan on Netflix all about? Dolly Ahluwalia wakes up from a coma after 30 years. But little does she know that she had lost a good part of her life. While her soon to be divorced son Sunil (Manu Rishi Chadha) makes her believe that she was in a coma only for six months and makes every effort to recreate the 80s at his place sans any mobile phone or satellite channels. His biggest challenge is when his mother asks about his classmate Billo (now his wife played by Mahie Gill). Sunil has to convince his wife seeking a divorce to come home for his mother's sake and at the same time turn his teen kids into housemaids. What happens next is an emotional rollercoaster ride for all the members of the family.

Is Door Ke Darshan worth watching? Well, the movie offers its fun moments as the plot is novel. But you so wish that the writer had put in a little more effort to make it quirky. But having said that, Door ke Darshan is not your usual run-of-the-mill story but comes with some novelty. So watch it once.

Verdict: Door ke Darshan on Netflix is entertaining and can be watched for timepass.