MiENEMY is an action thriller starring Vishal, Arya, Prakash Raj, Thambi Ramaiyya, and others. It`s the story of two childhood friends and their escalating competitive nature. The film has the same title in Tamil as well. Both the Telugu and Tamil versions are released today in theatres. Check out the film's review here.


The film tells the story of good vs evil in the most modernized manner. Prakash Raj plays an ex-CBI officer who trains his kid and a neighbor's kid to become police officers. Vishal and Arya are the two kids. However, the two friends eventually become enemies by taking different routes in life. While Vishal is on the good, Arya is on the bad side. What made them choose their paths? Why did they become enemies? What happens in the end? Forms the main crux of the movie.


Performances-wise, Vishal and Arya have given their best. Not just in the regular scenes, they have given their best in the action sequences as well. Mirnalini Ravi is good in her role and shines big. Prakash Raj, Karunakaran, and Thambi Ramaiah also supported the lead cast and helped in taking the story forward. All the key actors of the film have given their best and made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The songs appear as speed breakers in the film. The Telugu dubbing was not made well. The background score is not so impressive. Sam CS worked to his best level in elevating the film in the action scenes. The camera work is excellent. The climactic fight between Arya and Vishal is worth the hype and it has been done well. The editing is okay and the lavish production values supported the director's vision perfectly.


The film has some thrilling moments but unfortunately, they are not enough to make an impact on the audience. Both the lead actors did well and their characterizations are excellent. The film is made in a commercial format and has got the necessary elements that would engage the audience but the film's graph falls down at times. The film's screenplay suffers from predictability and it is a big minus point. Especially, for action thrillers, the predictable plots and execution would disconnect the audience from the film. The film's first half looks good when compared with the second half. On the whole, the film is technically very sound but only offers a few thrilling moments. This Enemy is good in parts!