HIT 2 Movie Review: ‘HIT’ Verse is Getting Bigger

“HIT 2”, aka “HIT: The Second Case,” is the second installment of the “HIT” film franchise, written and directed by Sailesh Kolanu. While Vishwak Sen played the lead role in the first part, Adivi Sesh is seen as the lead in the second part. While the first part deals with the investigation into the kidnaps, the second part revolves around solving the murder mystery. “HIT 2” was released in theatres and let's see how the film fares at the box office.


Krishna Dev, popularly known as KD, the SP of Vizag City, is an intelligent cop who is best at his work. He gets challenged by a serial killer who targets women from a particular community. KD gathers different clues and marks a few suspects in his investigation to find the killer. The real tension for KD begins when he discovers that his prime suspect is not the true murderer and his love interest Aarya is kidnapped. Who is the killer? What is his intention in these serial killings? How does KD track down the murderer and save his love interest? All these questions will be answered as the investigation and the screenplay unfolds.


While “HIT: The First Case” has a backstory about orphans, “HIT: The Second Case” is based on women’s welfare communities. This time, the backstory is a bit stronger, the pain is a bit deeper, and so the serial killer is a bit wilder. Sailesh Kolanu, the writer and director of the film, chose a very similar pattern in the setting of the story for both the first and second cases. A killer is born out of pain, investigation, suspects, the cop’s love interest being targeted, and finally the resolution. All these elements might look the same in the second part of the HIT Verse. But the brilliance of Sailesh lies in the execution and the presentation. The cop versus killer challenge and a face-off is the real key element in HIT 2’s screenplay.

“HIT 2” has a greater amount of blood and violence when compared to the first part. Arranging the body parts of four different victims as a single unit is just a sample shown in the trailer. The film has many more such things, particularly in the second half. While the first part focuses on KD’s investigation, his understanding of the psychology of the killer, and finding a few clues and suspects, the real thrill begins post-interval when he slowly gets closer to the true identity of the killer. The killer in “HIT 2” is very strong, and so the face-off between the cop and the killer is very thrilling to watch as they challenge each other’s brilliance. Yes, the audience will be entertained by finding out who Kodi Burra finally is.

Sailesh Kolanu, Adivi Sesh, and Nani together increased the scale of the film with a deeper investigation and a stronger serial killer. The interconnection between the two parts is the main highlight of the film, which will surely shock the audience. The HIT Verse is getting bigger.


Adivi Sesh fits perfectly into the role of KD, a posh-looking, stylish cop with an attitude. It feels as if he is made for the part the way he slips into it. Within the given space, Adivi Sesh impresses by following all the cues. The personality works to his advantage, and so does the restraint.

Meenakshi has a forgettable part. It is a stock role for heroines in thrillers where they are seen as the hero’s emotional support but ultimately ends up being a damsel in distress who has to be rescued by them. Meenakshi is okay in a few scenes. Rao Ramesh’s role is symptomatic of the issue with the film. He plays a character that is as cliche as it gets and seems to be designed merely as a functional component to take the narrative forward. Komalee Prasad also faces the same issue. Posani Krishna Murali, Tanikella Bharani, and others are seen doing their routine. Natural Star Nani’s guest appearance at the end is nicely done.


Dr. Sailesh Kolanu writes and directs “Hit 2”. It is the second chapter in what is supposed to be an investigative series started by him with “Hit.” The way he portrayed the characters of the cop and serial killers will create anxiety among the audience. The face-off was also shown in a great manner. Sailesh’s brilliance was shown throughout the film.

John Stewart Eduri provides the background for Hit 2. It creates the right mood and an additional eerieness that takes helps the narrative from time to time. S Manikandan’s cinematography adds to the effect with the visuals. Garry BH’s editing is slick and keeps the proceedings sharp. The writing is fine, especially when dealing with some dental-related clues. The world-building part lacks the meat and gives a filler vibe whenever those segments arrive.


Consistently engaging

Crisp run time

Background score


Slow Beginning

Regular genre cliche