KGF Chapter 2 Review : Once again “Salaam Rocky Bhai”

Yash and Prashanth Neel collaborate for the super hit KGF franchise. The film hits theatres on 14th April 2022. The film created much buzz in the audience as the first part of the film reached the pan-India level. Let’s see how the film fares at box office.


The movie starts with the narration of Vijayendra Vasiraju (Prakash Raj). Rocky Bhai has won over the people of KGF and now he is in the process of dreaming bigger and treading more dangerous paths. He encounters Adheera, who is inspired by the Vikings and wants KGF back. He also has to encounter Prime Minister Ramika Sen, who also wants Rocky Bhai to take down. What happens next, from the rest of the plot of “KGF: Chapter 2.”


“KGF: Chapter 2” is completely an action-packed film, but this time with much-loaded style, swag, attitude, and elevations for Yash. Also, Prashanth Neel has set bigger obstacles and conflicts for Rocky this time to show his transformation as an absolute legend. With Prashanth’s strength in uplifting the heroism and the music composer Ravi Basrur and cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda, playing their parts much stronger, “KGF: Chapter 2” looks technically brilliant. If you loved Chapter 1, you will fall for Chapter 2 with no doubt.

The success of “KGF Chapter 1” can be attributed to two factors. First and foremost, the director had succeeded in heroism elevation, second that the audience was well connected to the rise of underdog Rocky Bhai. The story in chapter 1 had well-connected sequences as it progresses. In Chapter 2, The heroism elevation sequences go to the next level and there are at least 3-to 4 sequences that create goosebumps to the audience. The brief introduction sequence, Adheera entrance, Interval sequence, and sequence after the interval, climax make this film a visual grandeur. But, the effectiveness of these technically brilliant scenes is not comparable to chapter 1.

On the other side, the Adheera Vs Rocky conflict can be established much better. A poor screenplay can be felt in some places. A very tragic mother sentiment song is instantly followed by a duet between Rocky and Reena are some backlogs of the film.


Once again, Yash has given a fantastic performance and won the hearts of the viewers. His style and body language is appreciable. Srinidhi Shetty continues the same and she has got nothing much. Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Rao Ramesh, and Prakash Raj are new additions to the film. Prakash Raj as the narrator does a good job. Sanjay Dutt looks menacing and powerful in the role of Adheera, and he delivers his best.

Raveena Tandon justifies her role as an aggressive person. She as the Prime Minister also has a good track. Rao Ramesh as the CBI officer is good, and the rest of the cast did their job.


The music composer Ravi Basrur gives a great background score but should take much care in mixing. It is too loud in a few scenes. Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda does a fantabulous job. His work is visible in the entire film maintaining a similar mood. The editing is fine. The production values of Hombale Films look grand. The action episodes are superb. Some dialogues like Mongoose in Snakes and Ladder game, the CEO of India, Powerful people make places powerful, are highlighted.





Action blocks


Illogical scenes

Romantic track