Konda Polam Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

Mega hero Panjaa Vaishnav Tej scored a blockbuster right with his first film Uppena. He is now testing his luck with the second outing, Konda Polam. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Krish, this movie features Rakul Preet as the leading lady. It has released worldwide today and we bring you the review of it:


Ravi (Vaishnav Tej) hails from a shepherd family in the Rayalaseema region. After completing his graduation in engineering, he applies for various jobs in Hyderabad but gets rejected everywhere. When he returns home, he is suggested to go to Konda Polam to herd the sheep.

The visit to Konda Polam changes Ravi's life and his perception of the world completely. What happens in that forest? What is Ravi's connection with Obulamma (Rakul Preet)? What happens to Ravi in the end? To know these answers, you have to watch the film in theatres.


Vaishnav Tej gave an honest performance as Ravi. It is good to see him opting for author-backed roles rather than star-driven films. If he continues to select these kinds of films, he will carve his own stardom for sure. In a few scenes, he just acts with his eyes and that proves what a serious talent he is.

Rakul Preet just got one of the most memorable roles in her career. She is an asset to this movie. Her character dominates the hero in many instances. Rakul simply did the job with perfection. Veteran actors Kota Srinivasa Rao and Sai Chand performed very well. The rest others were decent too.

Technical Aspects:

Krish adapted a novel named Konda Polam for this movie. He stuck to the flavour of the novel and didn't try to add any commercial elements. He was genuine towards the story but the screenplay could have been better according to the cinematic standards.

MM Keeravani gave soulful music for the film. The songs are decent but it is the background score that elevates the mood of the film. Gnanasekhar's camera work is spell-bounding. The forest visuals were captured beautifully. Production design and production values are great too. But the editing could have been better.


The first half of the movie is engaging and draws the attention of the audience. But things get boring in the second half. The narration is stereotypical as well. Some of the scenes feel too melodramatic. Thus, in the end, you come out with mixed feelings.

However, Krish excelled in writing emotional scenes. The tiger fight scene is also shot very well. On the whole, Konda Polam is good but is slow. So, one needs the patience to watch the film. You can give it a try if you are into realistic dramas.