‘Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range’ review: A village melodrama

Rishwi Thimmaraju, Vismaya Sri's “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range”has hit the theatres today. The film is touted to be a youthful entertainer. Let us find out how the film fares at box office.


The film’s story is all about a poor youngster who faces troubles in his family and love life and how he overcomes them. Krishna (RishwiThimmaraju) loses his father Sivayya (Gangadhar Reddy) in his childhood and is raised by his mother Parvathi (Swathi Policherla). Krishna is supported by his uncle Subbarao (Raghu G) and makes his livelihood as a shepherd.Trouble brews as he gets attracted by a beautiful girl Satya (Vismaya Sri) as she is eyed by Deva (Vinay Mahadev). Where this leads to and what is the connection to the criminal Mallaya (Robert Loise) and the Bihar gang form the interesting twist.


Till now we have seen many love stories in the village environment. But the director has shown all kinds of emotions by combining all kinds of genres in this movie. He made this film as a love comedy suspense crime thriller. But it can be said that the director did not make us feel bore anywhere in this film by writing the simple story with great detail and sensitive emotions.

The entire first half seems to be going smoothly. The story moves along without speed breakers anywhere. On one hand the love story continues and on the other hand the director has put some twists and turns for the second half. When the interval comes, the original story seems to have been lost.

The director has written the story of the second half with full of emotional scenes. The climax feels a bit lag but the emotions worked out. The twist is also pleasing.

On a whole, “Krishna Gadu Oka Range” is an average romantic entertainer. Director Rajesh Dondapati came up with a wafer-thin plot and he tried his best to elevate the scenes getting good performances from the lead pair. If some interesting scenes were included, things would have been much better.


RishviThimmaraju performed well as the youngster who works hard taking care of his mother after his father's demise. He showed good feelings when he gets attracted to a beautiful girl and showed the right kind of emotions and temper when his girlfriend was insulted and when he knows the truth about his mother.

Vismaya Sri stole the show with her performance. She looked good on screen with her innocent and cute-looking expressions. She showed the role of a brave girl quite well and elevated the scenes with her screen presence. Raghu who played the role of uncle made an impact with his performance. He did emotional scenes quite well. Swathi Policherla, Gangadhar Reddy, Vinay Madhav, Robert Luiseand others did justice to their respective roles.


Rajesh Dondapati started the narration in an emotional way and turned towards youthful elements. To some extent, it worked but the narration slowed down as he tried to include hilarious scenes using the auto driver and his friends. This in fact deviated the film from the main content.Rajesh tried to elevate the scenes with family emotions and drama. One gets a feeling that after a point he overdid it. However, he got good emotions from the actors.He missed a few dots in between which created ups and downs in the narration. Dialouges are good.

Sai Babu Talari should have used the editing scissors even more. He left many repetitive scenes that affected the pace of the film. SK Rafi's cinematography showed the village scenes quite well and in an appealing manner. Sabu Varghese's music is in sync with the story. The songs are situational and few are emotional while a couple of songs are youthful and romantic. He made an impact with the background music. Production values of Sri Tejas Productions or this medium budget film are decent.