‘MahaaNatulu’ review: A youthful comedy with twists and turns

"Mahaanatulu" delivers a fresh and captivating cinematic experience by intertwining youthful comedy with an unexpected touch of the supernatural. This Telugu film introduces viewers to three ambitious friends whose lives take an enthralling turn when they encounter the enigmatic Madhu. The movie strikes a balance between laughter and suspense, enticing audiences with its relatable storyline. Directed by Ashok Kumar, "Mahaanatulu" offers a seamless blend of friendship, romance, and mystery that promises a unique and entertaining cinematic journey.


The story revolves around three friends - Abhinav, Pawan Ramesh, and Madee, each with unique aspirations. Abhinav dreams of being a standup comedian, Pawan Ramesh aims to become a film reviewer, and Madee is a memer/editor. Abhinav falls for Madhu (Goldie), who turns out to be a paranormal investigator and YouTuber. The plot takes an intriguing turn when they discover that Madhu is already deceased. The film follows their comical yet eerie journey to escape her grasp, resulting in a side-splitting yet engaging narrative.


"Mahaanatulu" crafts a captivating narrative around the dynamics of friendship, love, and the supernatural. The film cleverly balances comedy and suspense, keeping the audience hooked with its natural, relatable vibe. The unexpected revelation of Madhu's true nature adds a layer of mystery, making the storyline both entertaining and thought-provoking. The conclusion's open-ended nature invites viewers to speculate about the fate of the lead characters, enhancing engagement with the story.


Abhinav shines in his portrayal of Seenu, displaying a transformation from an underconfident aspiring comedian to a timid ghost-fearing individual. His chemistry with Goldie's Madhu adds charm to the film, while their camaraderie with Pawan Ramesh and Madee feels genuine and relatable. Goldie impresses as Madhu, bringing a delightful and cute demeanor to her character. The natural dialogue delivery enhances the on-screen camaraderie, resonating with audiences as if watching a close group of friends.


Director Ashok Kumar skillfully weaves a romantic comedy with a touch of the supernatural, creating a seamless blend of genres. The cinematography captures familiar locations with simplicity and beauty, adding to the film's natural charm. Marcus M's music complements the narrative, enhancing the overall experience. The chemistry between the lead couple is captivating, with their interactions and emotions portrayed with authenticity.


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Open-ended climax