‘Mark Antony’ review: Vishal & Sj Suryah’s show

Actor Vishal is coming with his latest film “Mark Antony.” Ritu Varma is pairing up this actor in this action entertainer. The film created huge expectations in the audience with the promotional content. Now the film has hit the theatres and let’s see how it fares at box-office.


Antony (Vishal) and Jackie Marthanda (SJ Suryah) share an unbreakable bond as gangsters. However, tragedy strikes when Antony meets his demise. In a twist of fate, Mark (Vishal), Antony’s son, is raised as Jackie’s own. Mark, determined to honor his mother’s memory, shuns a life of violence and becomes a skilled mechanic. But the grudge against his father, who played a role in his mother’s death, festers within him. Everything changes when a mysterious phone with the power to manipulate time and alter history comes into Mark’s possession. Through conversations with his parents via the time-traveling device, Mark unravels startling truths about their past. How did Antony seemingly come back to life? What led to Jackie’s ultimate demise? is the basic story


Time travel is a common theme in science fiction, often delivering mind-bending scenarios and captivating audiences. However, “Mark Antony” takes a different route by infusing elements of comedy into the time-travel narrative. The film opens with a strong comedic presence, led by SJ Suryah, who steals the show with his every appearance. Punchy dialogues abound, and the chemistry between Vishal and Suryah keeps the audience engaged until the intermission.

However, as the story progresses, the film becomes increasingly burdened by a sluggish pace. In the realm of time-travel films, repeated scenes are par for the course. Unfortunately, Mark Antony indulges in these repetitions excessively, causing the narrative to stagnate, with even the humor losing its charm. The romantic subplot with Ritu Varma feels somewhat out of place within the overarching storyline.

“Mark Antony” combines elements of time travel and science fiction against a backdrop of comedy. There is a sense of subtle comedy in the film which has been handled well.

On a whole, the first half of “Mark Anthony” offers a delightful experience, but the second half becomes convoluted and leaves the audience perplexed. SJ Suryah’s commanding acting and Vishal’s versatility stand out, and there are moments of genuine comedy.


Vishal, known for a somewhat consistent look and performance across films, undergoes a transformation in “Mark Antony.” He effectively portrays the contrast between the two characters, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. SJ Suryah, hailed as the actor monster in the opening credits, lives up to this reputation with a commanding performance. His grace and rhythm on screen are truly remarkable.

Sunil embraces a different character, while Abhinaya impresses with her performance once again. Selva Raghavan, in the role of a scientist behind the time-travel phone, delivers a satisfactory performance. The film’s portrayal of the heroine, Ritu Varma, may leave viewers puzzled, as her character lacks significant importance and tends to fade into the background.


While GV Prakash’s music initially dominates the film, it eventually becomes predictable. The cinematography and production values are adequate, but the action sequences lack novelty. The Telugu dubbing is great and the dialogues are neat. The manner in which the plot is etched out also looks neat in the narrative. The editing could have been a lot better in the first half of the film. GV Prakash Kumar’s background score enhances the movie’s experience and transports viewers into Antony’s world, at least for a while.