Mayabazar 2016 Movie Review & Rating: A Fun Ride Worth A Watch {3.5/5}

Kollywood dealt with the challenges of demonetization long ago when Thalapathy Vijay took on the Centre for inconveniencing the common man. Now, here's a Kannada movie, also based on demonetization but in a very different way. Mayabazar 2016 marks the directorial debut of Radhakrishna Reddy who has turned the demonetization theme into a comic drama.

Plot: A conman and honest cop cross paths at the time of demonetization. Add to that are the others who are sailing in the same boat. What happens next is a fun watch all the way.

Achyuth Kumar who shoulders the responsibility of taking the movie forward has done a fantastic job of delivering a comic thriller. Another actor who complements him with his comic timing is Raj B Shetty. Then there are Sadhu Kokila, Prakash Raj, Chaitra Rao and Vashista B Simha who all manage to keep you hooked to the movie from start to finish. Oh yeah, then there is Huchcha Venkat's guest appearance which stands out.

Mayabazar 2016 has rich production values not to mention the plot which keeps the audience engaged through the movie. The performance of actors is a huge plus and works in the movie's favour. The casting of characters is just perfect. the first half is pacy while the post interval scenes drag a little. Yet the movie is worth a watch.

Verdict: Put Maya Bazar 2016 on your weekend watch list.

Disclaimer: This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review.  Watch Movie in Theatre