‘Mistake’ review: Fearsome suspense thriller

‘Mistake, ’produced by Abhinav Sardhar and helmed by Bharrath Komalapaticreated huge buzz in recent times with its promotional content. The film hit theatres and let’s see how it fares at box-office.


The story essentially revolves around three couples, played by Ajay Kathurvar, Sujith Kumar, Teja Ainampudi, Karishma Kumar, Taniya Kalrra, and Priya Paul. On their way to a holiday destination, they are relentlessly chased by a fearsome guy (Abhinav Sardhar). He fiercely chases them because he suspects they are in possession of invaluable, rare diamonds. But they are not criminals or smugglers. Two of them are techies, one of them is a priest, and another one is a stylist. One of the two women is the daughter of an ACP (Raja Ravindra). Why did they get embroiled in the fracas how did they escaped from the situations is the main crux of the story.


It is quite common to spin a story around a point. There should be some twists in the script. Only then the audience will not feel bored. Director Bharat did magic in this movie. It feels like a movie till the interval. Everyone will be shocked by the twist given in the interval.

In the second half, thenarration get paced. The whole second half is very gripping. The director has written action sequences in between all these. In this way, the story is stacked so that the audience can enjoy it. The pre-climax and climax twists are more shocking. And finally, the audience comes out with full satisfaction.

On a whole, “Mistake” is an attempt to deliver a thriller and does a decent job in it. The thrilling elements are well executed.


Big Boss Ajay in the role of Agastya, Teja Ainampudi as Karthik and Sujith Kumar in the character of Dev madecomedy and action pleasing in every scene. Priya, Tania and Nayan who acted as heroines look beautiful. The three couples made a good noise on the screen. Abhinav Sardar, who appeared as a villain, scares everyone. He nailed the action sequences. Abhinav hits hundred marks in showing villainy. Raja Ravindra and Sameer shows their experience. The rest of the characters delivered performances to their extent.


“Bharath Komalapati tried to generate fun and interest in the quest for diamonds with thrilling elements. While the story turned out to be a regular one, screenplay somewhat engaged with twists and turns. Being a first timer, Bharath did a decent job as a director. Dialogues of Sriharsha Manda are okay.Mani Zenna's music is average and background score is impressive. The cinematography of Hari Jasthi is good and he tried his best to beautify the film. Vijay Mukthavarapu editing is also sharp. Production values for this medium budget film are good.