Movie Review: Nani's V

Natural Star Nani, Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari and Nivetha Thomas played the lead roles in the film V. Mohana Krishna Indraganti is the director of the film. Dil Raju is the producer. Amit Trivedi is the music director of the film. Thaman scored the background music for this action thriller. The film skipped a theatrical release and is directly available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the review of the movie here.


Adithya (Sudheer Babu), the efficient police officer comes across a psycho-killing. The killer Vikky (Nani) challenges Adithya to catch him. Adithya considers it a prestigious case and begins the investigation. Vikky attempts more killings, creating more troubles to Adithya. How did Adithya chase the case? What is Vikky's motive? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


Natural Star Nani put a realistic performance yet again in the film. He is at his usual best but there is nothing new to praise about his portrayal. Sudheer Babu's character is very impressive in the movie and it has got a lot of importance in the film. The face-off between both the actors is impressive. Usually, Indraganti's films will have heroines playing significant roles but in V, it did not happen. Both Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari did not give their best. The roles written for them are half-baked and routine. There is nothing great to talk about their performances in the film. The rest of the actors are just okay in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the entire film unit worked together to come up with a grand output. Music director Amit Trivedi came up with songs that made less impact. Only two out of four songs are good. Thaman's background score is okay. The editing is nice. But, the makers could have trimmed the second half more for an engaging viewing experience. Cinematography is a major plus point in the movie. The production values of Dil Raju are grand.


V released on Amazon Prime Video, amidst huge expectations. The action thriller has got a lot of interesting and thrilling elements. But, they are limited to an extent. The film, on a whole, fails to grab the viewers' attention for a long time. The movie lacks the proper flow of narration. Indraganti's writing too becomes unimpressive, after a point. The suspense elements failed to captivate the audiences. Most of the scenes are routine. The film lacks the thrills that the trailer offered the audiences. On the whole, the movie falls short of the expectations and disappoints big time.