Mrs. Serial Killer On Netflix: Jacqueline, Bajpai In Crime Thriller

Mrs. Serial Killer is the latest Indian web series to start streaming on Netflix. The series stars Bollywood actors Jacqueline Fernandes and Manoj Bajpai in lead role

Mrs. Serial Killer plot: When her doctor husband is wrongfully detained for a series of murders that happens, the dutiful wife (Mrs) commits similar crimes to prove that her husband is innocent. How she does it forms the crux of the web series. Mrs Serial Killer is directed by Sirish Kunder.

So what works and what doesn't work for this new web series on Netflix? Well, for starters Mrs Serial Killer has a lot of deja vu moments that gives you a feeling you know what's happening and most importantly you know what's coming. Thrillers are meant to be edge of seat and supposed to have a nail biting climax. However, unfortunately for Mrs Serial Killer despite the impressive star cast including the likes of the hot Jacqueline and the talented Manoj Bajpai, it fails to work its magic on you. The story is all too predictable and fails to pique the interest of the person who watched it.

Now, I got into a binge-watching mode to take a break from my K dramas to see if Indian web series were worth watching and should I say I was utterly disappointed. Perhaps I picked the wrong series, yeah?

What's unfortunate is that the premise is good but not the approach to it. The script could have been handled better with more gripping moments.So what you get is something that is predictable.

For jacqueline fans perhaps, it is a welcome change to watch her a doting wife, a change from her usual roles she plays on the big screen. The actors no doubt have proven their potential with their performance. Just that the competition for crime thrillers is so huge that Yeh Dil Maange More.