Nachindi Girl Friendu Movie Review: Good Suspence Thriller with Decent Twists

Aatagadhara Shiva fame Uday Shankar's upcoming film Nachindi Girlfriendu, directed by Guru Pavan, is released all over the world today. Atluri Narayanarao is producing the upcoming film.


Rajaram (Uday Shankar), a B.Com. graduate looks for work in the stock market. A software security specialist and Sandhya, often known as Sandy, fell in love at first sight (Jennifer Emmanuel). Sandy tries a number of approaches to find love. But everyone who encounters Sandy passes away in an odd way. In this series, Sandy declines Rajaram's offer of love.Why is Sandy killing everyone she meets? Who murdered the friends of Sandy? What did Rajaram do after Sandy turned down Love's offer? What part does Madhunandan's Cherry Chengalrao play in Rajaram Prema? What parts do Vikram Roy, Mukesh Gaurav, Paytm Prasad, Krishna Pandey, and Srikanth Iyengar (Srikanth Iyengar) play in this story? You like the answers to the questions in the movie's story about a girlfriend.


Uday Shankar, who made his Telugu film debut with Atagadara Shiva, single-handedly carried the film's emotional, romantic, action, suspense, and thriller themes. He also brought humor and comic relief to the proceedings. With Emmanuel, Jennifer has delighted in passionate scenes. In battles and dancing, he performed well as well. There appears to be room for improvement in the dialogue delivery and body language. And speaking of the lead character, Sandy, Jennifer Emmanuel is outstanding in terms of glitz and performance. Uday Shankar and I both shared the film's weight. The protagonist is the subject of several stories about the character. She demonstrated her talent from the opening to the closing scenes, despite the fact that she is new to the film industry. In their respective roles, Srikanth Iyengar, Madhunandan, Suman, Bhargavi, and others have excelled.


Director Gurupawan has made an effort to rethink the purpose of the daylong journey from Vizag to Bhimili. He adds tension and thriller elements to the love track, and he impressively moves the plot forward. If not, the first part of the story seems very regular and predictable. However, the second part of the narrative makes a sharp turn. The romance and action parts were handled well by the director. Last but not least, everyone will be pondering after watching the 20-minute program with the financial market as the background. Saddam Manohar's cinematography is a bonus for the film in terms of technical qualities. He expertly captured Vizag's beauty on camera. He expertly captured the top angle and the action moments. Gifton is successful in giving a suspense thriller the appropriate BGM. Romantic music is enjoyable. The movie was perfected by Udagandla Sagar's editing and Doluri Narayana's artwork. On behalf of Sriram, Atluri Narayana Rao produced a film with high production values. The actors chosen demonstrate Banner's enthusiasm for the picture. Girlfriend will appeal to those who enjoy suspense and thriller movies.