‘Natho Nenu’ movie review: Entertaining yet message oriented

Dialogue King Saikumar, Rajeev Kanakala, Aditya Om, Srinivas Sai, Aishwarya and Deepali Rajput in the main roles, 'Nato Nenu,' directed by Shantikumar Toorlapati, who got fame as Jabardast comedian and mimicry artist on screen. The film creates decent buzz with it’s promotions and hits the theatres. Let's find out how it fares at box-office.


Koteswara Rao (Saikumar) who is in high position in a village, wants to commit suicide due to some problems. At the same time Swamiji came to know the difficulty of Koteshwara Rao and offered a boon. On the other hand, Kotigadu (Sai Srinivas) meets Deepa (Aishwarya) and then falls in love. As the elders didn’t accept their relationship, Aishwarya leaves Sai. On the other hand, Kotigadu (Aditya Om) who works in a mill and the girl he likes Nagalakshi (Deepali)?

What happened in the lives 60-year-old Koteswarar Rao, 40-year-old Kotigadu and 20 years old Kotigadu; What is the triangle love story has finally reached its end. What was the boon given by Swamiji to Saikumar is the main crux of the story.


Saikumar has acted brilliantly as a reputed person in the village. Aditya Om and Sai Srinivas acted well in their roles. Shanti Kumar, who is directing for the first time, has written the story between the three key characters very well, but there was some hesitation in the execution. Words are good. The comedy and emotional scenes are impressive. Retro songs and item songs are impressive.

He gave a nice message that if money is the only thing and life is behind it, nothing will be left in the end. Saikumar's dialogues are touching. Rajeev Kanakala, CVL Narasimha Rao and other artists acted well in their roles. But if their roles were increased more, they would have been fulfilled.

Sai Srinivas and Aishwarya's characters connect well with the youth. A bit of a cut should be made in the first half. The sets and locations in the movie are impressive. Although the producers are newcomers, they don't seem to compromise anywhere. It would have been better to have taken care of the music. On a whole, “Natho Nenu” entertains audiences from all genres.