‘Nayakudu’ movie review: Appealing concept

Director Mari Selvaraj is back with a new movie “Nayakudu” (Telugu version of ‘Maamannan’). The movie bags a huge success in its original and got much hype for Telugu. The film hits theatres and let us check out how it fares at Box-office.


Maharaju (Vadivelu), who belongs to an oppressed community, is the MLA of Ramapuram. However, he and his son Raghu Veera (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a martial arts instructor, have not talked for years. An incident that occurs in the life of Maharaju prompts Raghu to take action for justice. What’s the issue? Why did they stop talking to each other? What happened ultimately is the main crux of the story.


One of the film’s main assets is Vadivelu’s portrayal of a serious political leader. His flawless performance is impressive. Fahadh Faasil’s performance as an egoistic politician is commendable, and his portrayal is praiseworthy. Udhayanidhi Stalin and Keerthy Suresh also deliver neat performances.


The film with a good concept is let down by its slow-paced screenplay. A faster screenplay could have improved the movie significantly. Furthermore, Keerthy Suresh’s role, which seems promising initially, is significantly reduced once the main conflict begins. Characters portrayed by Lal and Vijay Kumar have no great impact on the film. Including a few more scenes related to them could have helped the film create more drama.

On the whole, “Nayakudu” has a good concept, but the middling narration makes it a tedious film. The performances of Fahadh Faasil and Vadivelu, and the score by Rahman are the movie’s strengths. If you can overlook the slow narration and a few unnecessary scenes, you can give the film a try this weekend, but keep your expectations low.


Director Mari Selvaraj conveys a good message about the importance of social justice, but the narration could have been fast. The editing could have been better. The cinematography by Theni Eswar is extraordinary, particularly in the flashback episode. Music plays a prominent role in elevating the movie.AR Rahman shows his mark with a couple of songsand background music.






Slow narration

Unnecessary scenes