‘Neethone Nenu’ movie review: Says the importance of education

 “Neethone Nenu,” a heartwarming romantic film directed by Anjeeram which features Vikas Vasishta, Mokksha, and Kushita Kallapu in the lead roles created much required buzz with the promotional contentThe film hits he theatres and let’s see how it fares at box-office.


"Neethone Nenu" tells the touching tale of two young teachers who set out on a mission to make a difference in a remote village in Telangana. Ayesha (played by Kushita Kallapu) is assigned as a Physical Education teacher and she crosses paths with Ram (played by Vikas Vasishta), who takes on the role of a Social Studies teacher in the same village. As their professional lives become intertwined, a gentle connection begins to blossom between Ayesha and Ram. However, as Ayesha gathers the courage to express her feelings, she stumbles upon shocking revelations. These unexpected twists, combined with the mysterious connection involving Seeta (Mokksha), form the main crux of the story.


Many government schools doesn't provide basic amenities to students. If they were provided with good facilities, they will perform and score ranks on par with corporate schools. Director Anji Ram has conveyed this message effectively. Along with message, the film is blended with a good love story. This makes the film more appealing. The way the film is narrated with a school backdrop and revealing a twist between protagonist and lead actress towards interval came out very well. But, the first half seems dragged a little bit. Coming to the second half, twists were neatly handled and successes in generating interest among the audience. A commercial song in the middle of the story feels like a speed breaker.

On a whole, film conveys an important message about education and it could have benefited from a more dynamic and engaging narrative.


Vikas Vasishta's portrayal as a responsible lecturer is commendable. He skillfully conveys the emotions of a caring and loving husband, making his character relatable and authentic. Kushita Kallapu's performance as a Physical Education teacher deeply invested in Vikas's character is well-executed, adding an authentic touch to her role. Despite limited screen time as Vikas's wife, Mokksha leaves a positive impression with her performance. The remaining cast members also play their parts effectively, contributing to the overall cohesion of the film.

Mamidi Sudhakar Reddy

Directed by Anjeeram, “Neethone Nenu” aims to highlight the importance of education. The concept was promising and the execution of the story excellent with excellent emotional scenes. The screenplay and direction has the innovation and dynamism required to unlock the story's full potential.

Murali Mohan Reddy's cinematography successfully captures the essence of the remote village and its rustic atmosphere in a realistic and visually appealing manner. However, Pratap's editing could be more refined, as some scenes linger, affecting the overall pacing of the film. Karthik Kodakandla's music and background score offers some support. Production values are also good for this decent budget film.