PeddannaPeddanna is a drama-action film directed by Siva, featuring Rajinikanth, Keerthy Suresh, Khushboo, Nayanthara, and Meena in prominent roles. Siva is the film's director. Annatthe is the title of the film in Tamil. The movie was released today. Check out the film's review here.


Veeranna (Rajinikanth) loves his ster Kanakam (Keerthy Suresh) a lot. He is ready to do anything for Kanakam. One day, he fixed Kanakam's wedding but she elopes on the wedding day. After some days, he learns that Kanakam is in Kolkata and is also facing a lot of problems. Veeranna lands in Kolkata to put an end to Kanakam's struggle. What are Kanakam's problems? What is she doing in Kolkata? What happens in the end? Forms the film's story.


Certainly, Rajinikanth is the major highlight of the movie. His screen presence is extraordinary. He put an energetic show on the screen. His style and dialogues will impress everyone. The action scenes stand out as the best. Keerthy Suresh is good in her character but she is seen in pain, in the second half and her character does not have a good closure. Nayanthara played Rajini's love interest but their chemistry did not work in the film. Meena, Khushboo, Jagapathi Baby, and others are okay in their roles. The cast made their presence felt.

Technical aspects:

The production values of Sun Pictures is the major highlight of the film. Every frame looks natural in the film and the exceptional camera work needs a special mention. The music by D Imman is not up to the mark and his background score also failed to impress. The technical team worked hard in coming up with an interesting film but there could have been better finishings. Director Siva failed to come up with a strong subject and routine plot kills the film. Technically, the film is good.


There are many minus points in the film than the plus points. Siva picked up an outdated story and tried to narrate the story in the most boring manner. Rajinikanth factor also failed to work at the box office because of such a boring subject. There is no pace in the screenplay. Everything is predictable in this outdated rural drama. Siva failed to pull out a stunner with Superstar. The ladies might like the film but there is not enough material that could pull them to theatres. There are no thrilling elements too. On the whole, Peddanna is a big misfire at the box office this Diwali.