Pushpaka Vimanam Review & Rating { 2.5/5}

After impressing with Middle Class Melodies last year, Anand Deverakonda came up with Pushpaka Vimanam this year. Bankrolled by his elder brother Vijay Deverakonda, this film made a decent buzz with its promotions and an interesting trailer. Amidst decent expectations, Pushpaka Vimanam has hit the screens today. Check out the review here.


Sundar (Anand Deverakonda) hails from a middle-class family and works as a government teacher. He gets married to Meenakshi (Geeth Saini). It was an arranged marriage. After a few days of their marriage, Meenakshi goes missing. Still, Sundar pretends to neighbours and friends that she is at home. However, he can't hold the truth for a long time. What happens to Meenakshi? Did she really elope with someone? Or Something happened to her? To know these answers, you have to watch the movie.


Anand Deverakonda was okay in his role, but not great. He should be commended for choosing typical boy-next-door characters and realistic stories. But he needs to brush up on his acting skills in a few key emotional scenes. Always, the story can't save him and he needs to step up with his performance to make dull writing better sometimes.

Geeth was okayish in the role of Meenakshi. Her role has not been explored fully and Geeth performed within her limitations. Saanve stands out with her performance. She is bubbly, charming and entertaining in her role. Sunil gave his best in the role of a police officer. The likes of Naresh, Harsha Vardhan and Kireeti were under-utilized.

Technical Aspects:

New director Damodara had an interesting plot-line for his film. It is enough to grab the viewers' attention. But the writing faltered big time and the proceedings make us feel bored right from the beginning to the end. Thus, the interesting plot point gets diluted in dull narration at one point.

The cinematography by Hestin Jose Joseph is good. The songs are not that great. They were composed by multiple music directors. However, the background score by Mark K Robin is good. The production values are decent but the editing could have been better.


Everyone was intrigued by the conflict shown in the trailer. But the director takes his own time to solve the mystery of Meenakshi's missing case. At one point, the viewers will easily guess what is going to happen next. The narration failed to create suspense elements.

The first half is okay with a few decent moments. The main story starts in the second half but the weak narration makes things boring. Thus, the audiences come out disappointed after watching the film. On the whole, Pushpaka Vimanam remains a dull affair and fails to live up to the expectations.