RRR Review: Ram Charan And Junior NTR Deliver A Mammoth Blockbuster

As expected the first day collections of the RRR movie are going to be massive as the special morning show talk is totally positive and the fans are stating that the movie is just terrific and will definitely be a mammoth blockbuster. Roudram Ranam Rudhiram (RRR) being a fictional story showcases how two best friends having different thought process fight for the freedom of their country.


The story set in the pre-Independence era rolls us back to the 1920s and revolves around the then British government's cruel tactics. Ram Charan (Rama Raju) will be introduced as a police officer and he works hard to impress his higher officials and also never forgets the promise given to his lady love Alia Bhatt (Sita). On the other end, the British government's governor Scott visits the Adilabad area with his family and kidnaps a little girl who belongs to the 'Gond' tribe and takes her to Delhi. Here comes the Gond leader Junior NTR (Bheem) to protect the little girl. He also goes to Delhi and tries his best to protect the girl. But the cruel officers try to bring a gap between the best friends Ram and Bheem by appointing Ram as the chief security officer. With this Ram and Bheem fight and showcase a massive action sequence just before the interval.

Coming to the second half, the director showcases the flashback scenes that make us witness the sacrifices of freedom fighters Ajay Devgn and his wife Sriya Saran. They leave their family for the sake of the country. Alia Bhatt brings a twist to the story and unites Ram and Bheem. A small incident makes them unite and fight for their country. So, one need to definitely watch the movie to know how Ram and Bheem attack the British officers to protect the girl.


The complete movie is all about Ram and Bheem… The rivalry, friendship and concern for their motherland speak more on behalf of them… Director Rajamouli introduced Ram Charan aka Ram in a complete action sequence holding the 'Lathi' in the cop attire. Coming to the Gond leader Bheem, he is introduced fighting with a Tiger. Firstly, they showcased their friendship and took us into the story making us witness how Ram helps innocent Bheem. Then the "Naatu Naatu…" song and the amazing dance movements take the movie to the next level. Then, the rivalry episode begins and involves us in the story. Alia Bhatt as Sita looked impressive and essayed a prominent role in the movie. Olivia Morris being a British lady is seen showing off her love towards Bheem. Ajay Devgn and Shriya Saran are seen in flashback and make us turn emotional with their love for the motherland. Rajeev Kanakala also proved his mettle by raising his voice against British officers praising Komaram Bheem. Samuthakani will be seen as Ram's assistant as a Police constable! Rahul Ramakrishna will be seen along with Komam Bheem aka Junior NTR! Finally, Irish lady Alison Doody and ray Stevenson being the main antagonists show off their cruelty on the big screens.


RRR is a massive blockbuster showcasing Ram and Bheem's fight against the British government!