Sai Dharam Tej's Prati Roju Pandage Movie Review & Rating

Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna played the lead roles in the movie Prathi Roju Pandage. Maruthi is the director of the movie. The film released today and here is the review. Read on!


Raghuramayya (Satyaraj) is a Rajahmundry resident. All his children and grandchildren live far away from him in foreign. When doctors diagnoses that he has the last stage of Lung cancer and only can survive 5 more weeks, he wants to see his family members for one last time. But, his children only worry only about their jobs and make excuses. Only Raghuramayya's grandson (Sai Tej) comes to help his grandfather. The rest of the movie is about how Sai Tej tries to keep his grandfather happy in his last days and how he taught a lesson to the family members.


Sai Dharam Tej's energetic performance is the major highlight of the film. His entertaining character will be the major driving factor behind the film. His performance in the movie is superb and will definitely get some extra brownie points for this film. Raashi Khanna went under the skin of the character and delivered the best performance. She suited well for the role and the actress blended well with the character. Rao Ramesh and Sathyaraj's energetic performance also added more strength for the movie. The actor went under the skin and got an interesting role in this movie. Sathyaraj has justified his role completely. Rao Ramesh will also impress the audience with his performance. He has delivered an honest performance in the movie. Naresh and Vijayakumar also acted well in the movie. Prabha and Murali Sharma's screen presence is also quite impressive.

Technical Aspects:

Maruthi took a simple and routine story for this movie but has succeeded in engaging the audience with his narration. The director has succeeded in engaging the audience throughout the film and will give a fun ride for the audience. Though his pace of narration kept on fluctuating, Maruthi mark comedy became the major highlight. Production values by GA2 Pictures and UV Creations are lavish. Music by SS Thaman is simply superb. Not only the songs, Thaman has given some captivating tunes for the songs and also elevated each and every scene with his background score. Cinematographer Jaya Kumar's visuals and camera angles are impressive and he has done a good job in providing the best output. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is clean and neat.


Despite having a serious plotline, the director made the movie as entertaining as possible. The entire first half is entertaining and all the comedy scenes worked out really well for the film. The interval twist is also quite impressive. However, the second half is not that engaging but the actors' comedy timing and energetic performances will engage the audience.

Especially, Sai Dharam Tej's performance is a delight to watch. The emotional scenes in the mid-second half are boring and it would have been good if the director had chopped off the unnecessary scenes from the film. Apart from this, the first half, story narration and performances will be the biggest plus points of this film. To conclude, 'Prathi Roju Pandaage' is a worth watching movie.

Disclaimer: This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review.  Watch Movie in Theatre