Stand Up Rahul Movie Review: Raj Tarun creates boredom as standup comedian

Stand Up Rahul” starring Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma as the lead pair has hit the screens today on the occasion of Holi festival. Raj Tarun comes as a stand up comedian to entertain audience. Let’s analyse how the film fares at box-office.


Set in an urban backdrop, “Stand Up Rahul” prominently revolves around the life of a guy named Rahul (Raj Tarun) who has dream of becoming Stand Up comedian. What will Rahul do to achieve his dream? How will Rahul’s life change after the entry of a girl named Shriya Rao (Varsha Bollamma) into his life forms the main plots of the film.


Santo a debutant is the writer and director for the film. Santo’s idea of exploring the youthful family story by connecting it with ‘Stand Up Comedy’ is appreciable. While Santo did a decent job as a writer, he failed to execute the on-paper ideas into a visual reality. It led to few passable moments in both halves, the execution lacks a racy screenplay. There are also a few loopholes such as no proper detailing about the seperation of hero’s parents due to which the proceedings misses emotional connectivity.

As a final note, “Stand Up Rahul” is a youthful drama that has a few good moments to enjoy but lack of gripping scene order and abruptly written characterizations make the film a disappointing watch.


Raj Tarun’s stylish makeover with short hair is good. His cool attitude as a boy-next-door is impressive and brings some authentic flavour to the screen. Heroine Varsha Bollamma impresses with her natural performance. Her on-screen chemistry with Raj Tarun is an asset for a few proceedings in the second half. Actress Indraja as single parent, actor Murali Sharma as an unsettled father are convincing in their roles. Other supporting artists who did key roles delivered satisfying performances. Vennela Kishore evokes decent fun with his comic timing in a couple of scenes.


Music by Sweekar Agasthi is apt for the film’s genre. His tunes for all songs are good and the background score elevates the mood of a couple of scenes in this youthful genre film nicely. Production values and the premise created for the film are superb. The cinematography work by Sreeraj Raveendran gives life to the entire output. His lighting setup and frames for few key scenes registers. Editing by Ravi Teja Girijala is okay as he kept the runtime within limits.


Lead pair performances

Few comedy tracks


Slow first half

Routine screenplay