Thank You Movie review: Not so thankful

“Thank You,” the story of gratitude, starring Naga Chaitanya in the lead role, looked fresh with the trailer. Though there was very little buzz about the film, it got decent openings in the theatres. Let’s see how the film fares at box office.


Abhiram (Naga Chaitanya) is a self-centered individual who achieves big in the corporate field after going through difficult phases in the early stages of his life. After achieving his dream, Abhi turns out to be an ego-centric and workaholic person who is impervious to the feelings of others. In his journey, he comes across Priya (Rashi Khanna) who supports him financially and becomes a part of his successful life. But, his self-seeking attitude distances him from his near and dear ones. One such emotional incident makes him realise the importance of expressing gratitude to all those who knowingly or unknowingly helped him during his hard times. So, he takes up a tour to express gratitude to all those who stood by him during his tough times. Rest of the story is how Abhiram goes back to his former self and meets all his friends and enemies who were a part of his journey.


Director Vikram Kumar who was desperate to bag a hit came out with a sensible content. The trailers and teasers of ‘Thank You’ are filled with too much of classy and emotional content. There are no mass or appealing elements in the promotional content. So, due to all these factors, the expectations are quite less on the film. As expected, Vikram Kumar came up with an emotional journey which chronicles different stages of Abhiram played by Naga Chaitanya. Though, he nailed it with his performance that is not sufficient to save this rudderless drama with no proper mission.

Heroes going on a thorough soul-searching introspection and correcting themselves is a theme which has been overused numerous times in Telugu cinema. And, ‘Thank You’ once again takes up the same routine template. Only a few moments in the first half an hour are worth watching while the rest of the film is nothing but a thorough disappointment and difficult the sit through its entirety.

Thank You is a story of gratitude and emotions. Naga Chaitanya is the sole runner of the show with the best performance in all three shades. People who are interested in watching such genre, can have a try.


Naga Chaitanya gave a very strong performance as Abhiram in the film. He completely excelled in all three shades of the character. He added a lot of weight to the character with his extreme acting, thereby adding beauty to the exposure of the character. Chay looks fresh in every part of the film.

Raashii Khanna as Priya gets a very emotional role. She perfectly suits her role. Raashii keeps her cuteness aside and falls into the ocean of tears once again. Malvika Nair is the cutest of all the actresses in the film. She also does well in terms of acting. Avika Gor justifies her role too. Sai Sushanth Reddy and Prakash Raj deliver noticeable and appreciable performances.


Vikram K Kumar brings the perfect execution to this soulful story with all the technical values. He dealt with the narration in the best way possible. The screenplay looks very interesting. Connecting the flashback moments with the present times is handled so well. The story idea of presenting a character’s journey through introspection always wins the hearts of the audience. BVS Ravi banks on this point and makes further proceedings in running the story for 2 hours, sticking to the same theme. Many moments in the first half of the film are so adorable. While coming to the second half of the film, the emotional scenes are very connected, especially the climax part between Chay and Raashii. One of the major highlights of the film is the dialogues. They are very meaningful to the characters and connect to the audience. Mahesh Babu’s reference in presenting Chaitanya as Superstar’s fan is getting immense craze and love in theatres.

PC Sreeram is the off-screen hero of the film. His visuals are an absolute delight to watch. His frames get connected to the audience, along with the characters. The visuals present the characters to us in the best way and make us move. Thaman S slightly disappoints with his background score. His magic is missing in the entire film.


Naga Chaitanya’s performance

Some scenes in the first half and climax

PC Sreeram’s visuals


Routine Story and weak narration

Aimless Second half

Lack of proper entertainment