Thimmarusu Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

Thimmarusu Movie Review: Talented actor Satyadev joined hands with director Sharan Koppisetty for the film Thimmarusu. Thimmarusu is the remake of the Kannada super hit film Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni. After a long time, the theatres in the Telugu states were opened and Thimmarusu is one of the few films that are released today. Priyanka Jawalkar played the film's lead heroine. Sricharan Pakala is the film's music director. The film's first look and trailer created a good buzz around the film. Nani attended the film's pre-release event. Check out the film's review here.


Bhupati Raju (Ajay) is a corrupted police officer who frames an innocent bar employee in a murder of a cab driver who is also a police informant. After 8 years of this incident, lawyer Rama Chandra (Satya Dev) opens this case to find out the real culprit of this case. Who is the real murderer? Why did Bhupati Raju frame the bar employee? Why did Rama Chandra open the case? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


Satyadev is a great performer and this film clearly proves the same. As someone who is on a mission to bring out the truths about an old case, Satyadev delivered a good performance. Brahmaji who played his assistant delivered some good laughs. The scenes involving both Satyadev and Brahmaji are good. Priyanka Jawalkar does not have a big scope to deliver a solid performance. Even in the original, the heroine's character appears half-baked. However, Priyanka tried her best to make her presence felt. Ankith who played the bar employee is decent. The rest of the cast performed to their character limitations.


The film's quality looks great. The producers spent decent money in generating a grand output. The cinematography by Appu Prabhakar is good. Music by Sricharan Pakala hardly makes any impression. The songs fail to impress and so is the score. The production design is excellent.


We have seen a lot of mystery thrillers in Telugu in the past but this film Thimmarusu comes up with a new perspective. The uneven narrative structure, bringing in different perspectives while solving a mystery, misleading theories, and nail-biting finish are a must for any mystery thriller. The film has all these elements but in uneven portions. Still, the film does not disappoint the audiences in creating a good impression after watching the film. Satyadev's performance, Brahmaji's humor, story, and twists are major highlights of this film. The entire team worked very hard in coming up with an impressive output on a limited budget.