Vikram Movie Review: Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi And Fahadh Delivered An Intense Action Thriller

Vikram is Kamal Haasan's big release after four long years… Thus, there are many expectations on it. So, it is clear that Vikram is his one-man show but along with utilising Kamal Haasan to the core, Lokesh also developed a strong plot to elevate his screen presence. And with this movie, he proved why he is the king of the box office once again! His swag and action mode holding the rifles and guns showcased the best of him and made us witness Kamal in a complete action avatar! Vijay and Fahadh Faasil also have a special mention in this movie as Lokesh also gave them a prominent screen presence. They fought equally with Kamal and treated the movie buffs!


Vikram begins where Lokesh's Kaithi is left off… Two big containers filled with drugs go missing and the local gangs go in search of them. But the mafia leader Rolex (Suriya) makes all of them pay for their deeds and showcases his best cameo performance. But the actual story begins when the masked men kill the sincere officer Kalidas and a few more higher officials of the Police department!

Here enters the Karnan (Kamal Haasan) when he comes to know that his son is also a victim of a drug gang. He is all out to take revenge and then he is introduced as Agent Vikram the original character of Kamal in his 1986 movie with the same name! But here the plot is completely different only the role of that movie is taken from the movie! Kamal and his companions are said to be hiding from 30 years as their covert operation went sideways in the 1990s. But now to take revenge he is once again back!

Amar (Fahadh Faasil) is introduced as a cop but he has his own team which works outside the bounds of law that keep other policemen in check. Then comes Santhanam (Vijay Sethupathi)… He is a cook but wait, he doesn't come up with any delicious dish instead he produces the best quality narcotic drugs with a variety of raw materials. So, on one side it is Vikram to is determined to take revenge, other side we can witness an honest police team. On the other hand, even Amar and Santhanam also chase for the drug treasure! So, it's all about how Vikram manages to chase down the drug source and help the police to put Santhanam and Amar behind the bars!


There is no need to mention about Kamal Haasan… Being an agent and hurt father, he is all set on a revenge action mode. He gave his best and looked terrific holding the guns! Coming to Vijay Sethupathi, these days he is making all his fans shower praises on him and even in this Santhanam role, he best fits the bill and looked like a perfect drug chef! Amar aka Fahadh owned the cop role and is seen forming his own team in the department. He also delivered his best and essayed a pivotal role. Suriya in a cameo role shined for a few minutes on the big screens.

Anirudh Ravichander's music and BGM made us own that feeling of watching an intense action movie and kept on pulling us to a suspense mode.


On the whole, Vikram is all for action lovers and movie buffs as it is the best entertaining movie that hit the screens these days! A perfect concoction of action and mystery turned it out into a blockbuster!