Zombie Reddy Movie Review & Rating {3/5}

Teja Sajja acted in a lot of films as a child artist. Chiranjeevi's Indra is one among them. Later, he acted in Oh Baby and has now come to meet the audiences with the new film Zombie Reddy. Prashanth Varma of AWE and Kalki fame is the director of the movie. The film was made under the Zombie genre which is new to audiences in Telugu cinema. The trailer already created a special interest in the audience. Check out the film's review here.


Teja Sajja works as a game designer. During the lockdown, he along with his friends plan to attend the wedding of his friend in Rayalaseema. On their way to Rayalseema, they meet with an unfortunate incident. It not just changes their lives but also changes them into Zombies. At the wedding event, everyone become Zombies, and the hero Teja's task is to save his friends from them and come out of the problem unhurt.


Teja Sajja displayed a very good performance in the film. Certainly, the film will become an asset for his career. He is sure to stay here if he picks some interesting scripts. The heroines did their best. Daksha and Aanandhi have played their parts beautifully. Aanandhi also impressed everyone with action sequences. Kireeti, Ramesh, and other actors also played their parts and made their presence felt. The actors are good but a few went overboard in some scenes.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, everyone has given their best for the film. From the lead actors to the supporting cast, everyone did best on the screen. Behind the screen, the cinematographer has produced wonderful visuals. The film looks rich on the screen. Mark K Robin's score has elevated the film to a certain extent. The editing could have been better. Some unnecessary scenes could have been trimmed. The VFX work is very nice, considering the film's budget. The production values are excellent.


The film starts off on an interesting note. Mixing the drama of COVID lockdown and Zombies, the film takes a good start. The interval point gives a good kick to the viewers. The director is successful in creating a special interest for further proceedings on the screens. The humor scenes have come out well but at times, they did not attract the desired response. The twists and turns have impressed us. The climax lacks logic but somehow fits the storyline. All in all, Zombie Reddy makes a decent attempt to entertain the audiences and the director is successful in doing the same.