My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th December 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th December 2021


My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020

The question hour imbroglio

No questions in Lok Sabha, no press conferences for the last six years , no audit for PM- CARES , no transparency in governance - overall , no democracy seems to be the rule of Modi government but amusingly it has been criticising Congress 's Emergency regime , day in and day out (No Question Hour, curtailed zero hour, September 3).

It appears Covid pandemic is being conveniently used as an excuse by the Modi-led BJP to cover up its failures of GDP contraction, non-reimbursement of GST dues to states and so on. One wonders behind the logic to do away with question hour, when BJP indulged in activities of toppling of elected governments freely in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan during lockdown period.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Raina beeti jaaye?

Suresh Raina has bowled a googly by hinting at returning to IPL this season. Though the CSK all-rounder had pulled out of the tournament quoting personal reasons, it was plain that he had left for all the wrong reasons. Cricket buffs also raised questions about his relationship with the team and the skipper, MS Dhoni. Having put himself in a spot, it could this be the end of the IPL road for Raina.

N J Ravichander, Bengaluru

Border stand-off

It is believed that the bilateral discussions between military Generals of India and China some time ago resulted in fiasco in the face of Chinese troops moved to Line Of Control with a view to wage a war. India, of course, is watching every moment to defend. A possible war would end up with heavy casualty of men and material with no win on either side. It would be a further big blow to Indian economy and social structure as the nation is already in chaos with Coronavirus. United Nations has to play its role to pacify the tensions.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

Corona Kavach scheme

The insurance industry is one industry which had to react quickly to the pandemic and to develop new policies to face the growing spread of Coronavirus. Lack of education and awareness have been the main reasons for India being largely under uninsured particularly in the area of the health insurance with only 18 per cent of the urban and 14 per cent of rural population availing protective schemes.

There are no drugs as yet to fully cure patients and work on the vaccines for virus is still in the trail stages. Corona Kavach is a single premium where your sum insured of 50,000 becomes maximum Sum Insured of 5 lakhs. People should shield themselves with insurance.

Munmun Bua, Hyderabad

Roads or death traps?

It is a matter of grave concern that the national capital Delhi tops in the fatalities caused by road accidents. Although it is the drivers who are held accountable for the fatalities in most of the road accidents, one cannot overlook the poor infrastructure of the roads as a serious cause of these mishaps.

During an inspection by the officials of the Public Works Department (PWD) last year, more than 2000 potholes were found on the roads of Delhi which is terribly alarming. Besides this, broken footpaths, dislocated kerb stones and uncontrolled growth of trees affecting the traffic are some of the other anomalies which accounts for the increasing number of road accidents in India.

It is distressing to note that India ranks first in the world in terms of road accidents with 1.46 lakhs of fatalities annually as per the latest reports of the International Road Federation (IRF), Geneva. In a review of accident prevention, there has to be holistic view of all factors.

Tushar Anand, Patna

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