Kejriwal, AAP (ka) game is up!

Kejriwal, AAP (ka) game is up!

Firoz Bakht Ahmed: Kejriwal, AAP (ka) game is up! My honeymoon with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has ended finally and I have resigned from this nasty and...

My honeymoon with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has ended finally and I have resigned from this nasty and corrupt collaboration of some megalomaniacs funded by foreigners to destroy India. Having seen the movement grow, I had thought, I would also serve for the cause against corruption, inflation and communalism, but over the last 9-months I had a feeling that I have chosen the wrong people. Human are prone to making mistakes and so did I. Truly, Maulana Azad had once written in Al-Hilal, “Politics is a dirty game.” In record time, AAP — an idealistic revolution eulogized as a harbinger of hope and an anti-corruption messiah — has degenerated into a rank political broker. Honesty plus hubris and self-righteousness spells disaster; that is what the AAP is.

It’s time to dump the Aam Aadmi Party before it inflicts tangible harm to the nation. It was my lifetime mistake that I had joined this so called “movement” meant to promote honesty in politics actually led by power hungry, covetous, unfeeling and cold-blooded people duping unassuming and innocent masses by their oratorical jargon. I was the biggest supporter and spokesperson in the media for AAP till recently but owing to their opportunism and vested interests, I decided to call a day. Having seen the AAP from close quarters, it is time to put an end to the quixotic charade masquerading as the voice and face of the common man. I retain and regain my position as a political analyst at all channels and media agencies.

Following are the reasons for resigning from AAP:

1. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, mistaken by me to be a humanist, actually got exposed as a selfish giant who uses journalists and activists like us as tissue papers that are dumped once the job is done. He burns the same ladders that help him climb the top. Mine is the recent example.

2. Kejriwal is not the messiah as mistaken by many people but an interloper, greedy, dangerous and inflexible person out to destroy the calm fabric of this nation. By leaving the unpretentious people of Delhi who had their faith in AAP to fend for themselves by deserting the government of Delhi, the party’s leaders have not only let them down but also annihilated the chances of any other “Anna” or a similar movement against corruption and for hailing human rights. It’s a dream turned into a nightmare. Nobody will trust the future “Kejriwals”. It’s an end for even the really honest people as whenever they’ll come to the forefront, their voices will be treated as the “wolf’s cry”.

3. Kejriwal’s gigantic and towering ego could well be seen when the power-seeking man became the Chief Minister of Delhi and absolutely stopped all communication (though it was already done earlier) what to talk meeting personally but on phone or SMS. We went with bouquets at 7 am after the Delhi Assembly results at his Kaushambi house, no one was allowed to see him (not even this “spokesperson”) and at 10:30, our bouquets were dumped in a huge room at the ground floor as the entire premises had been turned into a fortress with 31 staff working for the CM Kejriwal Saab! As if this were not enough, all his confidantes who used to drive his car or type his matter, too turned into selfish giants not replying to phone calls and messages. Poor, innocent masses, taking him to be their liberator were left in the lurch as the whole lot of these anarchist clowns became self-conceited overflowing with pride.

4. All his ministers and MLAs never received the phone calls, no matter whatever serious a situation. Hi-tech People like Mr Manish Sisodia, attached a computerized answering machine that never answered back. Though sad but true that even the calls of people like Rajmohan Gandhi and Prof Anand Kumar are not taken by Kejriwal as per people’s reports.

5. It is a truth that these people who claim for honesty, integrity, secularism and amity are themselves corrupt, dishonest, communal, acrimonious and discordant bunch of nihilists and anarchists.

6. Arvind Kejriwal who had used the tragic and disastrous death/ murder of a backward candidate, Santosh Koli, had never even rung up her parents. The so called AAP “leaders” are nothing but a bunch of misguided zealots and activists, who through character assassination and revile, want to take all the innocent people for a ride to take the center stage of power in their hands. The youth in AAP’s Hanuman Road, CP office, misbehave with elders like us. AAP hasn’t taught them manners how to speak to the elderly and aged.

7. As per reports, the AAP leaders have collected money worth trillions from all over the world. They are the honest people.

8. Arvind Kejriwal who had taken all the guidelines from me almost a year ago for his Delhi Assembly and National elections brochure for the uplift of Muslim community educationally, socially and nationally, had discarded me as a “matlabi yaar” (fortune-seeker)!

9. Frankly speaking, all those Muslims who have voted for AAP will rue their decision very soon. They fell for it for their anti-Modi and anti-BJP “nautanki via Noorakushti” (dramatics/tantrums). AAP has no space for any Muslim. A senior leader Ilyas Azmi too returned his ticket from Lakhimpur (UP) owing to the recalcitrant nature of Arvind Kejriwal.

10. Kumar Vishwas, a cohort of Arvindji, perhaps, at the behest of a perpetual detractor of mine (perhaps Najma Heptullah) was heard calling me as “bastard” in front of some acquaintances of mine some time ago, and further that I have no relationship with Maulana Azad (I happen to be his grandnephew). I had started for their media support at various channels long time ago. The channels invited me as I’ve been speaking on issues pertaining to human rights, communal harmony, cultural heritage etc before formally joining the AAP. However, the party’s “media cell” sensing that I’ll be the channels’ first choice, insultingly and unceremoniously got me removed from the discussion by calling the channels’ directors and sending emails against me as they treated me as a “bastard” literally. Umpteen times, I was contemptuously removed from channels like, “Aajtak” national, “Delhi Aajtak”, “Rajya Sabha”, “DD News”, “News Nation”, “P-7” etc. Now I’ll expose the truth behind the delusion and daydream, called AAP as a political analyst on the same channels.

RIDER: All well intentioned and right minded people who understandably have supported and joined the AAP like me till now and those who have agreed to be its candidates in a spirit of genuine altruism must do a rethink before it is too late. It was odious and I was feeling asphyxiated in the party that never made the best use of mine by sidetracking me treating me as a “bastard”. I have quitted the AAP still with my best wishes and good will that they will not hurt people having faith in them in the time to come and will provide good governance. In future let me called not as a supporter or spokesperson (that they never accepted me officially) but as a political analyst.

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