YSRCP alleges rigging by TDP in Macharla

YSRCP alleges rigging by TDP in Macharla

Kasu Mahesh Reddy addressing a press conference on Macherla EVM destruction incident at Gurazala on Wednesday


  • Gurazala MLA threatens to file case in High Court against the ‘partiality’ of Election Commission
  • Alleges that poll panel has not revealed the videos of rigging by TDP while releasing the footage of incident involving YSRCP MLA
  • Demands that SIT inquire in-depth the circumstances leading to destruction of EVM in Macharla

Vijayawada : When the police filed cases on MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy and going ahead to arrest him in EVM destruction case, the YSRCP leaders alleged that TDP leaders had resorted to rigging in Macharla constituency. They alleged that the TDP activists prevented the YSRCP supporters from voting. They alleged that polling officials adopted negligent attitude despite complaints by MLA Ramakrishna Reddy.

Speaking to media persons at Gurazala on Wednesday, MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy expressed suspicion over Election Commission making public the videos of EVM destruction in Macharla alone. He alleged that TDP resorted to rigging in Dummulukodu, Veldurthi, Chintapalli, Rompicharla and other places in Macharla constituency.

He demanded the Election Commission to make public the videos on the complaints lodged by both YSRCP and TDP.

He said that the Election Commission had failed to make public the videos of EVM destruction by TDP cadre at other places.

According to him, TDP activists in Kothaganeshunipadu attacked a woman for supporting YSRCP, but the police or Election Commission had failed to protect them. “YSRCP is going to file cases in High Court on the ‘partisan’ attitude of Election Commission. The SIT should inquire in-depth the circumstances leading to destruction of EVM in Macharla,” said Mahesh Reddy.

He said when the TDP was resorting to large scale rigging at several booths in Macharla constituency, the YSRCP leaders protested against it. He asserted that YSRCP will win the elections. He said that the TDP leaders in Macharla have criminal background. The TDP is resorted to violence fearing defeat in the elections, he added.

Meanwhile, TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, who is abroad, called up Namburi Seshagiri Rao, the polling agent who faced off MLA Ramakrishna Reddy who destroyed EVM at Plvaigate polling centre in Macherla on the polling day. Naidu enquired about Seshagiri Rao’s health condition and told him to be brave and the party will stand by him.

Seshagiri Rao courageously attempted to thwart the MLA when he was breaking EVM. The MLA’s followers attacked him with lethal weapons when he tried to stop the destruction of the EVM. Later, fearing threat to his life, the injured TDP activists went underground. He came out only after the EC registered a case against the MLA for vandalism.

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